Living Soil 101

 Posted by on September 4, 2016  Ending Marijuana Prohibition
Sep 042016
 September 4, 2016

There are many different ways to ensure you are maximizing your yield while also staying sustainable in your grow.  While there are certainly various options out there , living soil is one we keep hearing about in the cannabis industry as being one of the best.  This guide was concise and fairly simple to understand, and explains why using living soil is beneficial in so many ways.

This guide was published by, who operates under the following principles:

  • Food should be superbly flavorful. No more bland tomatoes.
  • The more nutritionally packed an item is, the better. We aim to maximize the natural nutritional content in everything we grow.
  • Realize that sustainable is a net goal that can’t be achieved at every turn but should be focused on whenever possible.
  • It is essential to make growing sustainably easier so that businesses and homeowners will be able to participate in growing smarter crops.

In this guide you will learn about living soil terminology and components, how the soil food web works, what plants do to control the environment in their favor, why working less work will get you more out of your garden, and that organic farming can be cheap and easy.

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