Feb 242016
 February 24, 2016
long beach california

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I received the following message from Long Beach Neighborhoods First:

Long Beach Neighborhoods First, a coalition of cannabis collectives, patients, Long Beach residents, and the workers who are on the front lines of patient safety and education, introduced a city ballot initiative that would control, tax, and regulate medical marijuana within the city limits.

“With marijuana legalization growing in acceptance and voter support according to public polls, our initiative represents a winning model for Long Beach and the Golden State,” said Bob Kelton, a Long Beach resident and cancer survivor who is lead petitioner for the initiative. “Responsible collectives, patients, residents, and the cannabis workforce all have a strong interest in bringing this industry out of the shadows to protect neighborhoods, generate city revenues and guarantee safe access to medical treatment.”

“The broad backing for this initiative shows California how we can move legal cannabis forward responsibly,” said UFCW Local 324 Executive Director Rick Eiden.  “Long Beach can lead the way by getting illicit activity out of our neighborhoods, creating an environment for good-paying jobs while raising needed tax revenues for the city.”

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  • Val

    green tax money will save the country, now if Washington would use the funds constructively, instead of raging war. we could have the infrastructure of America rebuilt, have more alternative energy, afford farmers the ability to produce local harvests.