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Low Stress Is The Secret To High Quality Yields

Stoned YodaWould you rather end up with a pound of mids, or a half pound of the chronic?

I grew up raising cattle with my grandpa the old fashioned way. No antibiotics, no cruelty, no force-feeding, and chasing the cows could earn you a boot to the ass. Fast forward to our present day treatment of livestock, and the horrors are endless. The consequences are an unhealthy populace, environmental destruction, and animal cruelty. The same is true of your plants.

If you are just starting out with your first crop you are probably dreaming of massive buds towering overhead. The kind of yields grow room legends are made of. But consider this: the reason we treated those cows gently was not just to keep them fat, but to keep stress, and the negative energy it creates out of the meat. Sure, you can pump a cow up to massive proportions, just like you can bend, break, prune, and manipulate your plants in many different ways to get a bigger yield, but is it worth it if the bud you produce carries that negative energy forward? I even heard that plants scream when you cut them, we just can’t hear it because of the low frequency.

If you aren’t moved to try a low-stress natural approach to growing by the spirtual perspective, consider the realist perspective–you aren’t going to be a natural Cervantes right out of the chute. (If you haven’t heard of Cervantes, and you plan to grow bud stop what you’re doing and click here.) Even Cervantes wasn’t a natural Cervantes, he had to work for it. There are no shortcuts to growing great buds consistently. Diseases can wipe out your grow faster than a swat team, and every time you bend, break, cut, or stress a plant you create an opportunity for a disease to develop. If you are a master grower with an impeccably clean grow, and you are basically hanging from the ceiling over your plants like a ninja waiting to spring into action at the first sign of trouble, then stress techniques could enhance your yield.

On the other hand, if you are a new grower, or a grower who tries all the latest huge-yield tricks, but your bud is mediocre, consider going au natural for a round. Those cows always looked happy, and the meat was superb. If you ever hear a grower say it’s easy, or they’ve never had a problem, scream “Cops!” and run the hell out of there. Growing decent bud is more than most people can handle. I say that not to discourage you from trying, but to remind you that a great grower is an artisan, and that you will never become great with shortcuts.

By all means keep growing, just consider that the size of the yield is only one factor in your pursuit. After all, a pound of mids is good, but a half pound of the chronic is better.


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  • i’ve never heard a grower say growing was easy, lol, if anything they say the exact opposite

    • oneygurl

      growing is easy if you have a green thumb. I’ve never had a problem growing anything except when someone else tried to have me try all new sorts of little gadgets and gimicks then the stuff when down real fast

  • Kitrocks316

    I follow ‘The Kiss Method’…KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! lol–I run a T5– with fan of course, have NO thermometer, NO humidifier,NO expensive nutes, NO POISEN GROWTH REGULATORS!– I use good yummy dirt, reverse osmosis water, Tomato and Root blast fertilizer—AND MY ROOM IS ROCKIN’AND ROLLIN’!–several aquaintences that have major expensive operations are IMPRESSED with the yields I get( I’m not after the cover of High Times! But I DO get DECENT sized buds)—THEY seriously re-think THEIR operation after viewing mine!–AND REMEMBER THAT THE BEST FERTILIZER IS THE GROWERS SHADOW! (Your girls LOVE TO BE BABIED)

    • Possibly the greatest advice on growing of all time, “AND REMEMBER THAT THE BEST FERTILIZER IS THE GROWERS SHADOW!” Amen to that!

    • lashaun

      Im a new grower and would like to know a little more about your t5 setup. I never knew that was possible.

  • Aqua Culture

    Aque Culture



    *lighting *timers *6 plant, 12 plant systems *much more

    2125 E. Priest Dr. # 302 Tempe, AZ. 85283



  • oneygurl

    I am a firm beliver in this article, all this fad gimicks do nothing but empty your pocket. I don’t even like reverse osmosis water, Just give me a plant and let me do my thing it will be beautiful and full of great THC.