LSD Marijuana Strain Seed Review

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Aug 182011
 August 18, 2011

LSD Weed Seeds — Marijuana Strains


Type:Indica DominantHeight Indoors:Short
Origin:Mazar X Skunk#1Height Outdoors:Short
Breeder:Barney’s FarmFlowering period:6-7 Weeks
Auto flowering seeds available:NoHarvest outdoor:September
Feminized seeds available:YesTHC Level:Very High 22%+
Grow Indoors:YesStoned or High:Stoned
Grow Outdoors:YesGrow Difficulty:Moderate
Yield:High 600gm (21.2oz) per M2Awards won:High Times Cup 2008 (3rd)

lsd cannabis strain
LSD cannabis seeds are an Indica dominant strain that is extremely potent and aptly named. By crossing a classic Skunk strain with a potent Mazar strain Barney’s have developed an Indica strain with a trippy knockout punch.

LSD cannabis seeds produce robust, hardy plants that will handle most growing conditions and respond well to all growing techniques including hydroponic growing. Sea Of Green, Screen Of Green and Low Street Technique are all methods that are suitable for LSD marijuana and will all help to significantly increase yields. Not that any help is needed, LSD marijuana is a bumper yielder every time, even if you just leave her to grow.

The flavour of LSD weed is what you might expect from smoking a quality Indica; deep and earthy, nutty with overtones of sweet musk. The hit is brutal and not for the faint hearted. Very high THC and CBD content means LSD weed packs an intense body blow that is spacey and psychedelic, hence the name. LSD weed is very powerful and quite overwhelming and one to try if you like your weed kick-ass strong.

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  • Curt

    I just received a pack of 5 female LSD seeds in original Barney’s Farm pack. I will be starting them in a week or so and I hope it turns out like the description.

    • Master L

      Weird post. This plant is actually the most difficult i’ve encountered. Also the description of the taste and smell are nothing like what I’ve gotten very consistently for several cycles, indoor and out. The taste and smell is very lemon /lime. I have never gotten a good yield from this plant, and I don’t know of any one that has, in Cali or Colorado.. I am generally a good grower.The effect is very psychedelic. its my favorite plant, i just don’t get that description

      • Deerjrky

        Lsd, love it. My best plant. Indoor, under a 600 watt hps system. Lots and lots of shiney crystals. A great hash maker. Usually get 4 – 6 ounces in a 8 week flower. With about a 3 foot plant. Easy, easy, easy to clone. All my friends love this smoke..

  • Joe

    LSD does yield in the medium to high range depends on your technics and it taste great and I wouldn’t say that it’s for beginner smokers I’m running it in a soiless mixture and pumping nutes and always ph your water rite or the roots just don’t absorb the nutrients you put into it