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 June 21, 2014

washington state medical marijuana raidsAs an Oregon resident, I have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the first retail marijuana store in Vancouver, Washington. Vancouver is the closest city in Washington to where I live. I don’t currently have an Oregon medical marijuana card, so frequenting a medical marijuana dispensary in Oregon is not an option. I want to be able to go into an establishment and purchase CO2 oil for my vape pen, and as of right now, there’s no where for me to go.

It sounds like the first retail marijuana store in Vancouver, Washington will be Main Street Marijuana, which expects to open either July 1st, or July 8th depending on when they are allowed to open for customers. The retail store will be located at 2314 Main Street in Vancouver. The location was previously occupied by Pacific Jewelers. Main Street Marijuana will not only be the first retail store in Vancouver, it will also be the first retail store in all of Clark County, Washington.

I’m hopeful that CO2 oil will be available at the location. I can get flower all day, and BHO, but CO2 oil is nearly impossible to find where I’m at. I can get my hands on a pen that uses BHO, but I prefer CO2 oil in my Open Vape pen because it’s ninja enough that I can use it while on break at work. From what it sounds like, there will be shortages at first when Main Street Marijuana opens, and high prices. Per The Columbian:

“There’s a million little things we’re dealing with as far as the license and getting the business ready,” Hamide said. “Product, though, is probably the biggest issue right now.”

At least one other store in a more eastern part of the city is also planning for a July opening, but owners weren’t yet ready to go on the record. Products may be hard to come by for the first group of stores. To date only one marijuana producer, CannaMan Farms, has been licensed in Vancouver. That probably means prices will be a little high to start, but Hamide said the company will do what it can to offset them by offering special deals on glassware or other items.

“It will probably be around $20 to $25 a gram to start,” Hamide said. “Then maybe $15 to $20 the first few months and hopefully down to $12 or $15 ongoing. Right now we’re trying to get as much stock as we can.”

I can’t wait until Oregon legalizes marijuana in November. Getting a medical marijuana card in Oregon is out of my price range right now, and it will be nice to go into a legal store and purchase marijuana without having to pay a doctor and the State of Oregon. It’s worth noting that purchasing marijuana in Washington and bringing it back to Oregon is illegal, so I intend to consume all of the oil before crossing back over the Columbia River…

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  • Diane Win

    In the written body of I-502 there’s not supposed to be a charge higher than $12.00 a gram from the retailer, $3.00 a gram producer and $6.00 a gram processor, which according to section 27 in part 4 is supposed to include an excise tax of 25% . I’m still looking for the actual charges per producer/processor/retailer at this time, but you can look for it here. I remember seeing it in there in the past. If this shop is charging more than $15.00 a gram they’re violating I-502 from the start.http://sos.wa.gov/_assets/elections/initiatives/i502.pdf

    • Powerunit

      It’s going to be like gasoline criminals. Oh there’s a shortage let’s jack the price. I hope your right and they don’t charge more than what they are allowed.

      • Diane Win

        I hope not either. Your gasoline analogy is a great one, perfectly describes how gougers exploit supply and demand.

        • mcq

          But unlike oil, there is an actual shortage of marijuana. It’s not sucked out of the ground by slave labor. It takes time to cultivate.

          • Diane Win

            I know what you mean. I trimmed for a NorCal collective owner last season, He planted first week of May and had his final plants out late october.

    • Marvin Q Acme

      ” If this shop is charging more than $15.00 a gram they’re violating I-502 from the start.” Err… $12 + $3 + $6 = $21.

      Also, the language of I-502 uses the same language as Value Added Taxes, and the excise tax is to be applied at each transfer from producer to processor, from processor to retailer, and from retailer to consumer.

      • Diane Win

        Wrong, the producer wasn’t supposed to charge more than $3 to the processor and the processor no more than $6 to the retailer, including 25% to each, and the retailer wasn’t supposed to charge more than $12 to the consumer. It’s not a 3+6+12 thing, it’s supposed to be ONLY $12+25%=$15/gram, regardless of strain, period.

    • cleopete

      And I thought legalization would lower prices. How naive of me. Might as well stick to channels until this thing stabilizes.

      • mcq

        Extremely naive. You expected the government to improve something the public already have working pretty well? In the words of Aerosmith, dream on.

      • Diane Win

        I thought the same thing.

    • 420hoser

      I see a lawsuit for price fixing.I will talk to mark munster on this illeagle price gouging.

      • Diane Win

        Sounds like a good idea.

  • Jimmy Tee

    About time,
    the Republican have been Hamstringing the process from the start,
    too much money in Prohibitions Lies, to give up to Legalization easily..

  • Ron

    The proximity of Vancouver to metro Portland should make it interesting once the shops open in July. How much of the business will be from Portlanders crossing over that little creek? Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s no phenomenon like that in Colorado because there are no big cities in other states along its border.

    • Plurdoc

      Not true. There are major cities near Colorado in Kansas,Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico and Utah ,

  • justaguy

    It’s not illegal to bring marijuana back into Oregon. The Portland police even made a video about it (search YouTube). I do think that processed marijuana like oil and hash is treated differently than bud under Oregon law, so you’re right to be careful, but just wanted to clarify.

    • http://www.theweedblog.com/ Jay Smoker

      Just to be clear, it is still a civil fine. Oregon decriminalized under 1 oz in the 70’s. Here is the video I think you were referring to:


  • Macbill

    Concentrates will not be available to recreational users.

    • Marvin Q Acme

      Section 15 (c)(c) specifies “Seventy-two ounces of marijuana-infused product in liquid form.” It may be up to the user to complete concentration. (Your mileage may vary.)

  • matt

    the prices are criminal,and the weed is dry

    • 420hoser

      Well matt,you and all the pot smokers,just dont buy from the criminals,and they will either lower the price,or close the doors. Priceing is bad wrong.look close at I502 the price per gram is to be set at $15 a gram. Dont let these assholes tell you its because of low supply,they just want to get rich in the first month,prices are ILLEAGLE!!!! IM calling the city atty for seattle,to get the dirt on price gouging.I will post my results..

      • Guest82

        Have you ever taken an economics class? Ever heard of supply and demand? In order to prevent shortages you raise prices to lower demand. Once the supply is high enough you lower prices to raise demand. That’s how capitalism works. Duh…

        • 420hoser

          Well for one,you dont have balls enough to post a name,just a guest,and futher more,you must enjoy taking it up your ass,cause if you buy at these prices,u must bring your own lube. I have know about S&D long before you were born.I dont condone stealling form john Q public.If you had a clue what it is all about,you would grow a pair and stand up for your rights,which I gave you!! DUH

  • timm

    Are there edibles?

  • Todd McAllister

    The pot is very weak: 2.22% active THC (Sour Kush); very expensive (110$ per 4 grams)… I suggest avoiding the store and saving your money!

  • 420hoser

    Well,I went to new vansterdam,and the price for over dry weed was $45 for two grams.just redicoulus robbery prices,I will never pay that price.I have a big group of tokers you all afe missing out on selling to,because of messed up prices. Good luck on making new customers. Ie;Lower the price to what I and everyone can pay on the street.

  • 420hoser

    Well,sounds like johñny green needs to stay in oregon,you dont sound very smart,smoking and getting high at work,if I were your employer,I sure would replace you with someone who is thinking with a brain,you must be a young kid,if you knew anything about life and a good job,you would smoke on your own time,not at work,doing a second rate job,if that much.