• Nathaniel

    I wonder when major networks will start talking about these polls. CNN will be first on the scene, with MSNBC following right behind?

    Nice to read about all the same.

    • Jordan Shorette

      you forgot fox trailing behind them all on their propaganda train lol

    • Rosco

      And they will report it wrong as usual.

  • Dank-o-matic


  • Sinclair

    The tied is changing and people are learning that they have been lied to for years and years by the people in charge of our country.
    it’s time for our country to come back to the hands of the people and end the political propaganda

  • Whyiowa4medical

    I was in a big, national poll of that nature!!! Bet you’ll never guess how I voted!!! Declassify and medical supervision for patients!!!

  • JohnS

    42% against? Why so high of an opposition?

    • Randy

      The elderly that believe the government and the uninformed.