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 July 3, 2012

mangoes and marijuanaMangos Increase, Strengthen, And Even Lengthen The Euphoric Feelings Felt After Smoking Marijuana

By Big Buddha

Summary: The chemical compounds that have been found within mangos have been discovered by science to be able to increase, strengthen, and even lengthen the euphoric feelings felt after smoking marijuana. This is great news for the marijuana community for both recreational smokers and medicinal smokers as they both now have a healthy alternative snack to turn towards during their munchies.

Lately it seems that both the science community and the marijuana community have been falling into the same category. This is great news for both medical marijuana patients and recreational marijuana smokers alike! Of course it’s common knowledge that medical marijuana does exist and that it is a great natural remedy for aches, pains, and various ailments. And of course recreational marijuana smokers do enjoy the euphoric feelings of the herbal supplement as opposed to the feelings of intoxication caused by alcohol or liquor. So naturally marijuana is a safe alternative to most sinful pleasures as well it is a perfect organic solution to the stresses and pains of life. So here is a little secret that the science community has recently discovered for the marijuana community: Eating fresh mangos or even drinking a fresh mango smoothie one hour prior to smoking will dramatically increase the euphoric feelings felt by marijuana and help medical marijuana patients to ease their pain even more so.

This is because a chemical compound known as myrcene terpenes, which is most often used for fragrances, can be found within cannabis and marijuana as well as many other various plants such as lemon grass, hops, and of course mangos. This is why these types of plants of such rare and unique types of odors and aromas. Once ingested the chemical compound, or myrcene terpenes, assists the psychoactive substance THC by allowing it to pass through the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) at much faster speeds with much more efficiency. The time it takes for the THC to have an effect on the brain after inhalation is roughly seven seconds however, by eating a mango up to one hour prior to smoking the time it takes for THC to reach the brain and have an effect could be cut in half. As well as the length of the high and its time duration could be up to twice as long.

Individuals who have eaten a mango, digested it, and then smoked have also noted that the euphoric feelings felt by marijuana are alarmingly much more intense. This is perfect for medical marijuana patients who would like an increased amount of pain relief or for recreational marijuana smokers who just want to get even higher than before. It is important to also note the different speeds in metabolism for those who are attempting to try this experiment. This is because individuals who have faster metabolisms may need to ingest a bit more than those who do not have as fast of a metabolism as well as individuals with slower metabolisms may need to ingest a mango or mango smoothie up to an hour and a half prior to smoking. This will help ensure that the myrcene terpenes found within mangos have been properly digested and will have an effect.

What else is great about this interesting scientific fact is eating mangos is another great way for the human body to receive additional amounts of vitamins and nutrition and it helps individuals avoid eating foods that are high in cholesterol or trans fats. Eating too many fatty foods when the ‘munchies’ occur can be harmful and even detrimental to an individual’s health. So be sure to stay healthy and to eat healthy whether smoking marijuana recreationally or medicinally.

Published with special permission from Marijuana.Com

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Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • deewekomsi

    weather its true or just in our heads its still a great way to get unhealth smokers away from the potato chips and twinkies. tahnks for the info

    • Devin

      I’ll stick with Twinkies and potato chips. I have a feeling that in the future scientists will discover Twinkies also increase, strengthen, and even lengthen the euphoric feelings of Marijuana too lol

  • Jared Abdullah Garrison

    unbelievers cast doubt on the path of the believers…remember that

    • Miles Casey

      It’s not good to use an argument that Christians do, brother.

      • Jared Abdullah Garrison

        no it isn’t, thats why I’m using Islam.

        • J Clarky

          :) One Love, One Heart

        • Jared Abdullah Garrison

          only one who hates themselves would say that. you had nothing negative to say about islam before 9/11…don’t let the media control how you interact with humans..

  • Jerry Sz

    This is exactly why we started CouchLock / KannaBliss drinks. We start with a real Mangobase then we even add more Myrcene on top. Come by and check us out…

  • Dinesh MJ

    however if it affecting health. then why should it be taken and shouting it is bad. it is good to skip marijins and have tasty healthy mangoes from http://www.alphonsomango.in and enjoy the taste.

    • alfonzo

      $1100 for 3 dozen mangoes???

      • Dinesh MJ

        No it just 20$ with shipping charges extra to the specific country. We sell alphonso mangoes only from farm and it is direct . We donot buy and sell.

      • Dinesh MJ

        No yar . The value is on Indian Rupee. In dollars some where around 20-25 $. + shipping cost. :)

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  • Luis Javier Lammel

    I’m glad to have 20 mangos for $1 :D

    • allie

      Waaaaat? You lucky bitch!! Haha. Up here in Maine they charge a dollar a mango!

      • jesscamp254

        2Bucks apiece in tx!

        • louie

          and $3.59/mango in vancouver

          • Fraser

            yeah $4 for one from Mexico in Melbourne AUS ;)

    • Oz B

      £1.50 here in the UK

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    • Thad Castle

      my experience. just do it

  • Xsage

    ..the Reason for this “MostLikely” IS That Marijuana Is A Very Powerful Hallucinogen * More So Than Most People Are Aware, because it is Not Experienced as such in most people that SMOKE It ~ Burning It destroys the Cells / Molecules / that Combined with the THC Empower the Hallucinogenic Qualities of this “MasterConsciousness” (for those of you stuck in the “I need proof /science of Non-EXPERIENCE) ~ so Yes Lemon juice DOES Work, but lemons are so Potent You can’t get as much of a Terpene Dose with Lemon Juice as you can with Mango .. But Orange Juice Has Often been used for the Same Purpose With LSD .. And other citrus fruits/ juices. I tested this with Marijuana 20 some years ago, by just drinking orange juice and also eating an orange, and it Works! It brings on the Hallucinogenic Properties of Marijuana in A Faster and More concentrated Manner! ~ This works So Well, as a matter of fact, that I would Not Recomend Trying It To An Inexperienced User of Hallucinogens ~ That Includes Marijuana!!! ~

    • painkills2

    • https://twitter.com/Moirraines Moirrainefortruth


      Right. Whatever.

      • Jaynay

        Marijuana is classified as a mild hallucinogen. It isn’t the kind of “blow your mind” type of high, but still in the same category. Jay

        • ClintJCL

          Except for the fact that it isn’t, you’re totally right!

  • https://twitter.com/Moirraines Moirrainefortruth

    GMO mangos will give you cancer over time just like any other plant soaked in Roundup Ready.

    Go Organic. Make it real.

    • lolpseudoscience

      [citation needed]

    • ShaneJax

      Spread some more FUD please. Do you just make up your own facts? There are no GMO Mangos for sale anywhere in the world but nice try. Kind of difficult for a non existent thing to be a causation for anything except placebo effects, that and a idiot magnet.

      • Wesley Muckledork


        They exist. Hide your kids.

        GMOs do not give you cancer. They contribute to a lack of both biodiversity and sustainability in the food market. That’s why we rail against them. Know what you’re arguing for.

        • dfgdfg

          you know theres only been one study on humans about gmos? and it found they change our dna. making a claim either way is wrong: both of you are pseudoscientific. the only scientific answer is we dont know, and there is cause for alarm.

    • charleston

      typical GMO alarmist. I eat organic, farmers market produce, and conventionally grown and they are all safe. it’s best to support your local economy and buy local etc. but non-organic food will not slowly give you cancer, that is just pseudo-science.

    • steve-o-imawileboy

      Organtic mangoes are more likely to cary deadly parasites because theyre not soaked in that delicious Roundup Ready. Oh and not to mention the taste exactly the same and Organtic costs way more… here, Penn and teller will drop some some knowledge on your on your head for you.


      • SeXyBeasT

        Just cuz some cannot taste the difference …does not mean others cannot taste it… I like P&T, but they are wrong on many accounts…

    • slfheinn

      Well, that’s why you smoke weed. To destroy cancer xD

    • Thomas Wilkerson

      Shut up hippy!

  • cyncynla

    I’ve been eating mangos for the past week… pretty awesome!
    And just bought the best fresh strawberries! :D

  • inf4

    Dried vs. Fresh??

  • Manish’s Astral Manifestation

    he he he this is the funniest article i’ve ever read and i’m seriously high

  • Jefferey Burnside

    I tried dried and not much of a difference they say fresh and I agree I think they lose the chemical in the drying process.

  • Joe Shmoe

    “This is why these types of plants of such rare and unique types of odors and aromas.” I found that part especially enlightening.

  • Jessica Makowski

    Like Orange juice or oranges vitamin C w lsd intensified highs

  • ShaneJax

    Like I said. Idiot magnet. There doesn’t appear to be any gmo mango’s in field trials much less in production anywhere in the world. So el whiny el sicko one do you have any evidence there are gmo mango’s in the food supply? Here are two effectively anti gmo databases and neither of them mention mango’s as a product that have any gmo crops anywhere.



    So please provide a source that there are GMO mangos in the marketplace or even in a field trial… oh wait, you can’t because there aren’t any… But carry on ignorantly spazzing at someone online while either completely ignoring the truth that was said or just having too little intellect to understand basic points.

  • insaf adelyah

    YOU ARE CORRECT! I lived in the US and had stomach issues. I went overseas and lived in an agrarian society where chemical pesticides are expensive to use. So people use natural methods to eliminate pests. My stomach issues were gone for the entire time I was there – 10 years nearly. Now back in the US and gastro issues rearing its ugly head again. I try to eat healthy with 7 servings at least of veggies and fruits. but I am not so sure these aren’t the reasons for the decline in my health back on US soil. It’s one step forward and two steps back for humanity with the crud profiteers running corporations and killing people for a bigger yacht!

  • Zurbur