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Marco Rubio Wants To Roll Back Marijuana Legalization


Senator Marco Rubio was on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning discussing a wide range of topics of concern to his bid for the Republican Party’s nomination for President. Towards the end of the interview, moderator Chuck Todd posed a question to Rubio submitted by a Facebook viewer. The question was how Rubio felt about states legalizing marijuana.

If you like weed, you might not like his answer (starts at the 33 minute mark):

For those of us who have been following along, his answer should come as no surprise. Here are a few quotes from Marco Rubio on marijuana courtesy of StopTheDrugWar.org:

“Marijuana is illegal under federal law. That should be enforced.” —ABC News, May 15, 2014
“The bottom line is, I believe that adding yet another mind-altering substance to something that’s legal is not good for the country, I understand there are people that have different views on it, but I feel strongly about that.” —Yahoo! News, May 19, 2014

[Spokesman]: “Senator Rubio believes legalization of marijuana for recreational use is a bad idea, and that the states that are doing it may well come to regret it. Of course, states can make decisions about what laws they wish to apply within their own borders.” —Politico, Jan. 31, 2015

“I’m against the legalization of marijuana.” —C-SPAN, Feb. 27, 2015

[When asked if he would enforce federal law and shut down regulation in Colorado:] “Yes. Yes, I think, well, I think we need to enforce our federal laws. Now do states have a right to do what they want? They don’t agree with it, but they have their rights. But they don’t have a right to write federal policy as well. It is, I don’t believe we should be in the business of legalizing additional intoxicants in this country for the primary reason that when you legalize something, what you’re sending a message to young people is it can’t be that bad, because if it was that bad, it wouldn’t be legal.” —Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, April 14, 2015

It’s hard to believe with four states and DC with legal marijuana, and with as many as eight more states looking to legalize in 2016, that GOP candidates like Marco Rubio and Chris Christie would take a position that will ensure that they will never become President. It’s time for elected officials and candidates for office to understand that the marijuana voting bloc is powerful, and continuing to grow every day.

It’s not about getting high. It’s about freedom, smaller government, and the economy. All issues Republicans say they support.


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  1. A nother politician who thinks he knows whats best for me and the general public that will probably try his best to force his opinion on us
    I wonder how he would like it if someone could use there position to keep something from him because of there option or belief

  2. The US Supreme Court cannot repeal the Second Amendment a repeal would require a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution which would also cause problems due to the wording of the Declaration of Independence which cannot be amended or changed in any way. It is the most beautifully written and worded document I have ever read.

  3. Henry Ford didn’t invent the car if that’s who you meant it was invented by a German called BENZ who’s wife was called Mercedes. But ford did create the production line assembly system of vehicles. Sam Colt created the first production lines using largely interchangeable parts which required little or no hand fitting and though there is no direct evidence I suspect he was a pot head too. Colt was no stranger to mind altering chemicals. One of his money making schemes was demonstrations of ‘laughing gas’ (Nitrous Oxide) calling himself Dr Coult. (info from the History of the Colt Revolver (Haven and Belden))

  4. The abolition, or more properly repeal of most federal legislation would do virtually no harm at all and return true sovereignty to the individual states. Which could then make up their own minds on so many things based on common sense and the wishes of the people of the individual state and we have seen which way the states are going on this issue.

  5. Politicians exist to pass laws and they love doing it. Unfortunately the more laws they pass and the more restrictions they place on individual freedoms and activities the more stress they create, the more stress there is the more discontent is created, the more discontent there is the more violence there is, And that is EXACTLY what they want. Because that gives them an excuse to pass more laws to make the world and the streets safer which in turn gives the police etcetera more and greater powers, which leads to more stress and discontent ad infinitum. any one that truly believes that any politician is interested in acting in the interests of the people is deluding themselves. The only thing they are interested in is their own self aggrandizement and pockets. It was said but i cannot remember by whom, That if there is one single thing that should be a bar to a person holding political office it is the desire to do so.

  6. You must be one of those boy molesting diseased ridden drug addicts living in some bathhouse.

  7. Nice posts.. you must be one of the losers who mass murdered people recently and are by now dead or in jail with that attitude. Screw off stealthy fagg

  8. Well im 46 and haven’t voted anything but straight republican tickets since I first voted for bush in 2000. Can I hold my nose and vote for bernie sanders in 2016 over rubio? Yes… c’mon marco, I want to like u but not with your government is God stance on marijuana.

  9. Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ….Ahhhhhh!

  10. Kanne Bosem וּקְנֵה-בֹשֶׂם is in Exodus 30:23 mis-translated as Sweet Calamus. It was used in anointing oil, the Temple cannot be rebuilt without Cannabis.

  11. Zarney Barnfarft on

    Good question but I am not sure why you asked me? The answer is sadly, probably not. But a libertarian certainly would.

    The fed has no business continuing to keep their racist laws on the books. It baffles me that President Obama didn’t do something during his first two years when he had the House and the Senate completely doing his bidding for him. But he didn’t and now it’s too late, why didn’t he do anything, he was a smoker himself, a fuching (sic) hypocrite. Not to mention such a great blessing to the African Americans who still go to prison 3.4 times more often than whites, for pot. Epic fail? Yes.

    Federally speaking, it’s not just a republican’ injustice to we the people, it’s equally as much of a democrat’ injustice.

  12. Montgomery Richmond on

    You need to smoke a joint. Seriously. You need to chill out.

    You’re a complete freaking MORON if you think that pot makes people violent.

  13. Montgomery Richmond on

    Ah, I think you just hit on the correct answer. Also medical MJ also means lost profits for the big pharmaceutical companies. Cigarette smokers = lung cancer = big $$$ from cancer treatment. No wonder alcohol and tobacco are allowed to be illegal, and MJ not. Whatever is most profitable is what goes. That’s the society we live in. Sad but true.

  14. Septuagint
    The Septuagint was compiled before the king James version which omitted kanehbos, strangely, i mean why would they take it out of the bible? unless the writers did not like what Jesus healed people with, which would suggest that perhaps King James was one of the first prohibitionists.
    It is written I think i read it in the emperor wears no cloths that the kings of the day secretly only wanted other kings to only use cannabis, and did not want the commoner to use cannabis, so maybe that was ruler james’ reason for being an ass? Unless of course it was a true mistranslation, but how could they mistranslate the bible with one of the most important parts left out?

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