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 August 11, 2014

marijuana trail mixThe rollout of recreational marijuana sales has been a bumpy ride in Washington. It took more than half a year longer for Washington to start legal sales compared to Colorado. Many people provide the explanation for the delay as involving the fact that Colorado had a well regulated medical marijuana framework already in place, compared to Washington that has a semi-legal medical marijuana retail industry at best. As of this week, recreational marijuana edibles are now finally available in Washington, although on a limited basis. Per The Bellingham Herald:

A representative of Top Shelf, one of the first legal retail marijuana outlets in Washington, said Wednesday, Aug. 6, the store will become the first in the state to sell edible marijuana.

Top Shelf had about 500 packages of edibles – from Green Chief of Granite Falls – available starting at 10 p.m. Wednesday, which should make some customers happy.

The three types of edibles available are a trail mix, a ‘party mix,’ and ‘crazy carnival nuts.’ I’m told by people in Washington that the prices for the edibles are ‘astronomical’ as one person stated. The price for the trail mix is five times what it’s going for at medical marijuana outlets in Washington. But, if people are willing to pay the higher price tag, so be it I guess.



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    YaY for “Legalization”…..I mean “Heavy Regulation w/ Unjust Taxation”….I mean, Oh wait were F**ked! never mind….move along.


      You can come to my state where people can serve decades or life sentences for marijuana offenses if legalization bothers you so.


        Amen… Try Michigan @ Decriminalezit.


        I have a friend working the “hoe line” down at Angola Prison Farm for having a joint in his shirt pocket. He’ll gladly pay those whining about taxes being too high. But, only if they’ll agree to finish his remaining 7 that he wakes up and faces every morning…


      Yes the regulations are extreme but as things get proven out that could change.
      Taxes suck but I would rather pay a tax and never worry about being arrested


        Wow @decriminalizeit. You sound like your for prohibition.


        What’s extreme about knowing what’s going into what you’re getting ready to consume and it’s point of origin? Seems logical to me. It appears there are many here who’ve never seen the inside an EU supermarket or shopped it’s produce aisles.


      Show me an unregulated country, free of taxation, and I’ll show you Somalia, Nigeria, or Peter Pan’s house in Never-Never Land.


    The extreme price gouging is wrong. People complain about gas prices. This store owner is pretty greedy. That being said I would rather pay a tax and not worry about criminal charges.


    One word comes to mind regarding Washington’s medical marijuana dispensary’s. FANTASTIC !! That’s how I’d describe them.. I’d rather Washington’s dispensary’s remain medical.


    Awesome~!! Now check us out at!! Grand Opening! Come hit us up!

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