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 May 31, 2011

arizona marijuanaOn the day that should commemorate the opening of the Arizona Department of Health Services’ acceptance of medical marijuana dispensary permits, a new marijuana superstore will open to teach the 100,000 patients who may now need to grow cannabis themselves. weGrow, the nation’s only hydroponics franchise that openly talks about medical marijuana, will open a 21,000 square-foot store in Phoenix tomorrow.

“We’re not talking tomatoes,” said Arizona’s first weGrow Franchisee Sunny Singh.

weGrow, located at 2937 W. Thomas Road in Phoenix, will celebrate the opening of its first Arizona superstore on Wednesday, June 1 with an industry panel and press conference at 4:30 pm and a public festival at 5:30 pm. The festival will feature on-site patient evaluations, demonstrations of the latest marijuana products and technology, live entertainment and more.

The grand opening festival, called “The Green Rush,” will showcase weGrow’s third U.S. location as well as the mass public support for the new billion-dollar industry coming to Arizona. Now that the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries may be put on hold due to Gov. Jan Brewer’s recent lawsuit, patients need information about safe grow practices more than ever.

“Suspending the state’s medical marijuana program will transition Arizona from a state-licensed cannabis distribution model to a patient-cultivator distribution model like California,” said Dhar Mann, founder of weGrow. “Now in order to get their cannabis, patients will have to grow it themselves, and most of them will have no idea how to do that. weGrow was created to assist exactly this type of customer.”

The growing chain does not actually sell any marijuana itself, just everything one would need to grow it.

weGrow not only features the largest selection of hydroponic supplies, but also offers a variety of services aimed at educating medical marijuana cultivators, including live grow demonstrations with real plants, an on-site doctor for medical cannabis evaluations, expert technicians to teach safe and responsible grow practices, and even an on-site laboratory to test cannabis before patient consumption.

For more information about the grand opening festival or the press conference, please visit or call 480.250.4315.

About weGrow
weGrow is the first honest hydroponics store, geared towards selling the materials necessary to grow marijuana for those with medical marijuana needs. From the largest showroom of hydroponic equipment, to grow training services; weGrow is a one-stop-shop for cultivators. weGrow has several locations nationwide and has plans for continued growth. For more information, please visit

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