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Marijuana Legalization Ballot Language Approved In Ohio, But ResponsibleOhio Doesn’t Like It


ohio signIt’s official – ResponsibleOhio’s marijuana legalization initiative shall be known as ‘Issue 3’ moving forward. Issue 3 will be joined on the 2015 ballot by Issue 2, which would prevent ResponsibleOhio’s initiative from becoming law. The official ballot language was approved this week for Ohio’s marijuana legalization initiative. ResponsibleOhio is not happy about the ballot language using the word ‘recreational’ instead of ‘personal use’ which was the phrase that was actually in the initiative language. Per The Cannabist:

Don McTigue, an attorney for ResponsibleOhio, opposed the board-approved language that described the legalization proposal as permitting the sale of “recreational” marijuana. He argued that the word “recreational” was not in the proposed amendment, while the phrase “personal use” was. He suggested “recreational” was chosen based on unfavorable polling.

“We don’t say recreational smoking of cigarettes,” McTigue told the board.

He also took issue with a description of where marijuana facilities would be permitted and how much marijuana people could purchase.

State Rep. Kathleen Clyde of Kent joined her other Democratic colleague in voting against the ballot wording, saying it was neither accurate nor impartial. Clyde said use of the word recreational “crosses into editorializing about the amendment.”

Secretary of State Jon Husted, the board’s Republican chairman, said “recreational” helps to distinguish between marijuana used for medicinal purposes.

There has been a lot of debate surrounding Issue 3 versus Issue 2 in Ohio. The question that a lot of people are asking is ‘what happens if both issues pass on Election Day 2015?’ Ohio law is a little confusing. On one hand, Ohio’s Constitution says that whichever one gets the most votes becomes law. However, Ohio’s Secretary of State is saying that since Issue 2 would go into effect prior to Issue 3, that it would become law, regardless of which one gets the most votes. I think it’s safe to say that in the event that both pass, there will be a challenge in court from whichever side doesn’t get their way, and that’s the only way we will truly know which one will trump the other.


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  1. Yes on 3 no on 2 unless you want the mafias and cartels to control the weed money! FREE THE WEED

  2. Protective Mama on

    HELP!! Comfusion reighns! I want to vote for marijuana to keep my adult child outta jail. Everyone I talk to is confused!! How do we vote to pass marijuana on Issue 2 and 3?

  3. It’s really about taxing it to make gov revenue. Anything that you may sale they want their cut..period. They did it with cigs and alcohol so now…. Let’s do what’s right to get what we can get ou if it . instead of jail…. A choice to have it or not. Legally

  4. Jeanette Sawyer on

    Why does that not surprise me? The gov’t is always trying to find some way to bend us over!

  5. Jeanette Sawyer on

    I hope with everything I have that Issue 3 passes, purely for medicinal reasons. I have ever changing and increasing illnesses, and currently, take 9 medications to treat them. I don’t even want to SMOKE it…I know that certain strains, high in CBD’s, used in tictures, topicals, and edibles can not only reduce my pain drastically, but a tincture of a high CBD, low THC, like Charlotte’s web, could help control a movement disorder I have, and take away the need for 2 of my medications. With the right strain, I could eliminate or very drastically reduce the amount of chemicals I have to put in my body pretty much twice a day, every single day. Even my doctors agree that it would be a lot better for me. Of course Governor Kasich, in all of his wisdom, has said that doctors he had talked to say medicinal mj isn’t necessary, that there treatments available that work very well (those good old toxic medicines). I told my pain doctor this, and he said “I don’t know what doctors he is asking. He never asked me!”. My doctor is all for anything that works, with minimal side effects and maximum benefit. I think Kasich and his xhronies will find some way to keep it from becoming legal, even if issue 3 passes and 2 doesn’t!

  6. btw whoever acidsex is, they are not for legal pot whatsoever. Thats just the typical rhetoric of someone with a hidden agenda, act like they are on the good side, when in fact they are a wolf in sheeps clothing. If you want to see legal marijuana in Ohio, on Nov. 3rd get your butts to the poll, and vote yes on 3 and no on issue 2!!!

  7. They’re letting you grow your own even with this bill, how could you not vote yes on 3 and no on 2 unless you are a prohibitionist.

  8. I have had 15 or 16 surgeries on my back, I keep getting schwanomma tumors on my spinal cord. It is very very painful and at times I can’t function I’m currently on 7 different kinds of medicine’s my last surgery was on October 1st I have some nerve damage to my left foot I have been in a rehab facility for therapy and I have noticed a difference in it, my 3 boys have also had these damn things removed as well. I definitely want 3 to pass if I can smoke a joint and my pain level goes down and why wouldn’t I want this law to pass, common sense people it has so many benefits!! Come on people vote yes for 3

  9. Voting yes on 3 and no on 2. I may never get to see it legalized if we don’t vote it in now. It’s no different than the casinos they have limited in certain areas. Someone will get rich no matter what. Isn’t it better for it to be licensed operators rather than the corner drug dealer?

  10. So many different opinions… where to start? In the beginning, man discovered when the cannabis plant was burned, he would get a buzz. Hmmm… I wonder what would happen if I put this stuff in a pipe and smoke it? Wow, that takes the edge off! Let me sit back and enjoy the day. Then he said, I need some heroin!! NOT! Marijuana can be a gateway drug only to those who are weak, have low self esteem and have nothing to live for.

    I am not that person. Many of the people I know around my age are not that person. We have a right to be able to utilize the plant as we wish. We are not chemically altering the weed to get a different kind of high, we like it just the way it is. We are products of the 70’s, have jobs, go to work every day, don’t call off, take care of our families and enjoy each others company and are responsible citizens who vote. We haven’t been arrested (thank the Lord), been to prison, sold crack on the corner or used a needle for anything harder than insulin.

    Tone stated some statistics but I would think we MIGHT have a few accidents now and again, mostly from being burned while trying to fling a lit doobie out the window and it lands in your lap ( Big Labowski, best scene). Some do have a tendency to drive too slow… No overdoses, crime or deaths… actually, it can give someone a life again if they need medical grade. And yes, there is a difference between street weed and medical weed. You don’t smoke medical weed to get high. Then it would be crap.

    The self-righteous people out there who NEVER do wrong will vote against any kind of legalization/ decriminalization because that is what they do. If they have never smoked they don’t know what they are missing and really don’t care. They worry about their children which is understandable. They need to be educated because ignorance causes fear. When your child turns 21 and heads out to the bar because the self-righteousness says alcohol is legal and it’s ok to drink but don’t smoke the weed… well, remember, alcohol kills tens of thousands of people every year. If you are smart, you teach your child how to make smart choices. If marijuana was legal, well there ya go. Now your child has a choice to be stupid and become an alcoholic and grow old with cirrhosis or grow old with a healthy liver and a good outlook on life by smoking an occasional joint.

    Oh, there is the alternative… prescription drugs. Depressed? Try this stuff… OMG, have you seen the commercials??? Side effects will kill you before you had a chance to OD on something! Please, Valium is NOT my drug of choice. Another strange statistic is that people who smoke tend to have a better cholesterol level. Considering the one BAD side effect is to crave munchies, this is quite a surprise. I, myself, have excellent numbers. I have a coach who helps with my medical issues who told me even though I take a statin drug to keep it lower, it is in the genes. I didn’t let on I smoke. But hey, the numbers are good so I can’t discount the statistic.

    For those of us who do imbibe on a regular basis, we need to be able to just do it. We need to be able to cultivate our own plants, smoke our untainted weed and not have to worry about being arrested or having a black mark on our records for something that is so freakin’ trivial!! Yes, trivial.

    Now we get the government involved. I go to a dispensary and pay. They have to pay taxes on their profit. That’s ok for those who don’t have the green thumb. If you do, grow it. You can make your own beer and wine, you can grow your own tomatoes, you should be able to grow your own cannabis. I would prefer to keep my own supplier as he grows some pretty decent stuff. Should he pay tax for what he sells? I don’t have much of an opinion there. Taxes from the sale of weed could definitely help our economy and provide much needed monies to pay for our military, our roads, healthcare, education, etc.

    WE NEED TO EDUCATE!! Take note, I am an educated individual. Public, city school educated. I am also veteran who served 10 years of my life with the US Navy. I have earned the right to use and not feel I am breaking laws. Thank you for taking time to read my opinions.


  11. 0. Deaths 0. Crimes, off use of Marijuana. 0. Accidents 0. Overdose. This drug does not harm us as human beings but only helps every day struggles and medical problems that we as human’s have to go through since birth. This “Plant” saves “life”. Point, blank, period.

  12. There is no such difference between “medical” and “recreational” marijuana. The only people that will tell you different are the people that will charge you an exorbitant price for the “medical.” I have tried several types of this “medical” stuff and as far as I am concerned it’s all crap. It’s a bad initiative, the ads they are running are chock full of hyperbole and lies, and I really could not care less about it passing. Issue 3 is a glaring example of our elected officials not doing their job. In Ohio it is apparent the legislature has outsourced their job to moneyed interests. I say let it fail and then we elect officials that will pass legislation that will allow every Ohioan a chance at bettering themselves in part of a billion dollar Ohio cannabis economy and not let it be highjacked by those that wish to only enrich themselves.

  13. And then an hour later they are fine.
    Unlike alcohol, which can lead to a bad next day. #reefermadness

  14. Thepublic Informer on

    I don’t care who bogarts the cash, just don’t bogart the blunt..

    Vote: Issue 2 NO and issue 3 YES

  15. Until the Government at all levels can figure out a way how they can make all the billion of dollars that this crop will produce, they will never get on board with it. Just like Prohibition so many people drank and got drunk including politicians and such that was the drive it took to legalize alcohol which does way more harm to us than marijuana….think about that! Marijuana Prohibition is not going to work and see below for the reasons why, It will be the same as Alcohol Prohibition.

    Alcohol Prohibition Was a Failure By Mark Thornton

    July 17, 1991

    Executive Summary

    National prohibition of alcohol (1920-33)—the “noble experiment”—was undertaken to reduce crime and corruption, solve social problems, reduce the tax burden created by prisons and poorhouses, and improve health and hygiene in America. The results of that experiment clearly indicate that it was a miserable failure on all counts. The evidence affirms sound economic theory, which predicts that prohibition of mutually beneficial exchanges is doomed to failure.

    The lessons of Prohibition remain important today. They apply not only to the debate over the war on drugs but also to the mounting efforts to drastically reduce access to alcohol and tobacco and to such issues as censorship and bans on insider trading, abortion, and gambling.[1]

    Although consumption of alcohol fell at the beginning of Prohibition, it subsequently increased. Alcohol became more dangerous to consume; crime increased and became “organized”; the court and prison systems were stretched to the breaking point; and corruption of public officials was rampant. No measurable gains were made in productivity or reduced absenteeism. Prohibition removed a significant source of tax revenue and greatly increased government spending. It led many drinkers to switch to opium, marijuana, patent medicines, cocaine, and other dangerous substances that they would have been unlikely to encounter in the absence of Prohibition.

    Those results are documented from a variety of sources, most of which, ironically, are the work of supporters of Prohibition—most economists and social scientists supported it. Their findings make the case against Prohibition that much stronger.[2]

  16. Donovan Clawson on

    I’ve smoked marijuana for a very long time and not once have hurt anyone, been arrested, or have had any sign of cancer or dropping of IQ levels. Alcohol and tobacco products harm people far more than marijuana. Its all about maturity level here people! If you know what to do when you smoke it and know how to handle yourself then it won’t be any trouble! Ask yourself, when was the last time cigarettes or alcohol helped treat cancer or sickness such as (belemia, anorexia, epilepsy etc…?) And the sad part is 36% of people have never tried it and are voting against it. I have way more thoughts on this so feel free to email me if you want to learn more or have a debate! Emmitc15@gmail.com

  17. Just let the people smoke that need to like to . Get the dope that has killed 2 of my own family and best friend . Let’s waste all the taxpayers money on flying helicopters looking for weeds. go get the sex a fenders . War on drugs pot is not killing anything.

  18. Agreed. I already started doing just that. The enlightened call it cannabis. Racists call it marijuana. The haters call it pot. The uneducated call it weed. Ever try growing it? Its definitely not a weed, its a delicate flower.

  19. weed isn’t for the average person. weed is soo strong that smoking one joint or blunt is like drinking 5 beers. people with weaker & unstable minds cannot handle the strength of it & lose focus.

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