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Marijuana Legislation Stalls In California


California medical marijuanaState Senator Mark Leno’s bill to protect medical marijuana employment rights, SB 129, did not come to a vote this session. Sen. Leno asked for the bill to be held over until January so as to afford more time to lobby for additional votes. Support for the bill has slipped among moderate Democrats and labor since a similar bill that was passed and vetoed in 2008. The SEIU, which endorsed Sen. Leno’s earlier bill, failed to do so this year.

Another bill that failed to make the cut was Sen. Calderon’s bill SB 626 to establish a statewide commission to make recommendations regarding regulation of medical marijuana distribution. The bill has been held on suspense by the Appropriations Committee. Sen. Calderon’s office is evaluating what might be done to revive the bill, as the deadline for floor passage this session has expired.

Finally, Assemblyman Ammiano’s cultivation decriminalization bill AB 1017, which was voted down last week, will be back for reconsideration on a second vote next January.




– Dale Gieringer, Cal NORML



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