Aug 062012
 August 6, 2012

Infograph About The Rise In Marijuana Potency Over The Years

It is well known that marijuana potency has risen over the years. Below is a new infograph that covers potency increase over the years:

Marijuana Potency on the Rise
Via: Rehab Info

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  • Chuck Mago

    The Botany of Desire, google it :-)

  • eating_sunshine

    Mr green, what is your aim in posting this? Are you posting this as fact or controversy?

    • johnnygreen

      As with a lot of these infographs, I post them more to stimulate conversation than anything :) Do you feel that marijuana potency has risen over time? I know a lot of old schoolers that swear their kill bud was as good as anything around these days, but it’s always hard to tell with testing being so unreliable throughout the previous decades. I will say that I don’t see bammer in Oregon anymore, which used to be everywhere in the early 90’s when I first started puffing.

  • M. Simon

    Two samples in 2009 vs >2,000 in 2008? 6.9% age 12 and up vs 21.5% age 18 to 25? The whole chart is full of these apples to oranges comparisons. You would almost think it was meant to deceive.

  • Jordy Kasko

    Well then.

  • ACatLover

    Well, if this chart is correct, then I’m glad I live in Colorado. I never buy anything with under 20% THC, I’m a big fan of CBDs, and I pay $150/oz for everything. I wouldn’t smoke any swag with 8.52% THC ;-)

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised seeing as how this came from a rehab org, but I mislike a lot of the language they use. Also, I’ve been around a hell of a lot of heavy pot smokers, and many of them have stopped cold turkey. As far as I know, not one of them has had any symptoms of withdrawal. In my opinion, and from the research I’ve done, that’s bullshit.

  • lakitu

    Ya complete crap. 100%. I’m actually mad it was on the weed blog at all. It is misinformation to a great degree.

  • The Weed Blog

    Ya it is what it is and apologize for the misinformation. We try and st ay away from this kind of stuff, but worst case scenario, we figured it would foster some discussion. Johnny and I are in our early 30’s, so our knowledge only goes back 20 years at best. Would love to hear what some people who actually smoked weed in the 70’s and 80’s, and still smoke now, have to say. Thanks for the input!