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Marijuana Product Review – MoldaBowl


Create Pipes With ‘MoldaBowl’

One of my good friends sent me a text recently that changed my life. It was a picture of a pipe which appeared to be made entirely of ice. I get texts and e-mails all the time of stuff that people think might be cool for the blog, but this is one of the few that really blows my mind. I actually sought out the creators of the ‘MoldaBowl‘ because I just had to know more. Wouldn’t you know it, they were really nice people. They even sent me a sweet tie-dyed one to try out.

The first one you make is a bit tricky. It reminds me of when I started to learn how to make balloon animals. The first balloon animal didn’t look quite right, and that was the case with the MoldaBowl. I tried to get ahead of myself and make one without looking at the instructions. I suggest people watch the video below, which explains just about everything you need to know. After my second MoldaBowl, I am now a black belt. I have made several that are stored in my freezer so I can blow people’s minds when they come over to visit:

Pretty cool huh?! You obviously can’t take your ice pipe version to the beach, but you can check out how to make all kinds of pipes with the MoldaBowl at their website, an excerpt of which is copied below:

The thought has probably occurred to you before, just after a burning hot pull seared your lungs and throat: wouldn’t it be great to smoke out of a block of ice? It would be easy to make and could simply disappear when you’re done using it.

The MoldaBowl is a mold designed to make pipes out of solid ice.

Or, if you’re feeling creative, the MoldaBowl also makes pipes out of anything you can dream up: bacon, fudge, gummy bears, omelettes, oatmeal cookie bars, marshmallows, meatloaf, anything. Edible or not, savory or sweet, soft or hard. Decorated, shaped, stamped, beautiful, unique.

With a MoldaBowl, you can make as many pipes as you want so you can simply toss — or eat — them when you’re done.

A MoldaBowl can be used to smoke or to luge liquids – imagine a shot of irish cream out of a block of fudge or mint-flavored smoke streaming cold out of a solid ice pipe. MoldaBowl is about the experience. Use the links on the right to be the first to tell your friends.

On the blog, you can find recipes, tips, and tricks from Moldabowl and from MoldaBowl enthusiasts sharing their handiwork. In the store, order a MoldaBowl of your very own.



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  • I have one. My lips don’t freeze too it. The inhale is so smooth, icy, and delicious. It’s actually my #1 piece right now.

  • I would imagine if you were smoking outside in the cold, the ‘Christmas Story’ scenario could be possible, but I haven’t had any problems in doors. As for the wet meds, you just put a screen in the bowl and it’s good to go! I can’t wait to make a cookie pipe :)

  • interesting… but umm… wouldn’t your lips freeze  and the melting ice wet the meds??