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 January 4, 2014

Maryland marijuana legalization thomas millerMaryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. has been around in Maryland politics a long, long time. When he speaks, a lot of people listen. That’s whey it was signficant when, in an interview Friday, he stated that he would support legislation that would legalize marijuana in Maryland.

“I favor the legalization and taxation of marijuana, with restrictions,” Miller said, according to the Washington Post. “I know where people are going to be a generation or two from now.”

It’s always refreshing when a politician is on the right side of history. For so long it was considered to be political suicide to come out in support of marijuana legalization. But the winds of change have been strong for quite awhile now, and after ‘on-the-fence politicians’ see how much love pro-marijuana politicians get, more and more of them will do the right thing.

Another big factor for swaying politicians, as always seems to be the case, is money. Colorado is making a lot of money right now, and will make more as all the shops that have licenses open up to customers. Then Washington will start making a lot of money too once they roll out stores, then other states, and on and on. Politicians can deny a lot of things, but one thing they rarely deny is dollars.

That’s not to say that marijuana legalization is inevitable in Maryland just because one Senator expressed his support. In the same article was another quote from the Maryland House Speaker, who feels that clinging to delay tactics is a better strategy than doing what’s right.

“The whole idea of transitioning into a recreational use of marijuana, I think, needs quite a bit more discussion and debate and understanding of what the practical implications would be,” House Speaker Michael E. Busch said. I can’t wait until politicians like Mr. Busch go the way of the dinosaur. Throwing around generic statements about marijuana are no longer accepted in today’s politics. What specifically are you waiting for Mr. Busch? What is there left to debate?

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    I’m just glad they finally want to debate. Last year (I think) in my home state of VA there was a proposal to do a study to see how much money the state stood to make by selling cannabis in the state run liquor stores and they wouldn’t even open it up to debate.

  • Sarijuana

    Finally – the mainstream media is covering this story! Thank you, Colorado, for forcing the issue into their journalistic faces. Any media outlet that continues to ignore marijuana issues will just look stupid and loose viewership to the ones who cover it. And the politicians will have to face the music too. Since watching Colorado coverage this week, I’m feeling like the day is coming sooner than later where politicians will have to come down on one side of the issue or the other, and fence sitters will just look stupid for ignoring the facts while demanding more facts.