Nov 102012
 November 10, 2012

The video below is of legendary campaign director Mason Tvert talking about Colorado’s Amendment 64 victory. One third of Americans think that alcohol is safer than marijuana according to Mason Tvert. I have a feeling that is going to change now that Washington State and Colorado have legalized marijuana!

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  • moldy

    I was so happy to see him on Real Time! Mason did an excellent job as a spokes person for weed not to mention a job well done (understatement) for the state of CO and the movement over the years. He hit it hard with “10, 000 less people getting arrested for pot” was the best thing he could say. I guess he’ll be getting some awards in the near future. I would hope he continues his work elsewhere as his job appears to be done in CO. Great work Mr. Tvert!! Fantastic!

  • M. Simon

    In the video he says his best weapon was “Pot is safer than alcohol”.