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Massachusetts Approves Four More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Massachusetts medical marijuana senate bill sb 1031Prior to last week, there were eleven medical marijuana dispensaries working their way through the licensing process in Massachusetts. Currently, there are not dispensaries operating at all in the state. You can now add four more dispensaries to the list of hoop jumping applicants. Per WBUR.org:

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has given three companies provisional approval to open four medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

Patriot Care Corp., which already has a Lowell dispensary in the works, was approved for dispensaries at 21 Milk Street in Boston and 7 Legion Avenue in Greenfield. Coastal Compassion, Inc.’s proposed facility at 2 Pequod Road in Fairhaven and Mass Medicum Corp.’s on Revolutionary Drive in Taunton were also approved to enter the inspection and permitting phase.

The four dispensaries are proposed in counties that did not previously have any provisionally approved medical marijuana dispensaries.

It’s great that there are now fifteen medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts at one stage of the process or another. However, the fact that there are still zero open is unacceptable. Patients need safe access to affordable, quality medical marijuana. Hopefully these establishments open sooner rather than later.


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  • Rick the liberal clubber

    Nothing in the horrible liberal crap state of MA is affordable.

  • Sergio McGeez

    It appears as though business is only legal if approved licensed and sanctioned by the government. Anyway thanks! http://www.pathconsulting.net/

  • Weso365

    Good luck on the medical marijuana to be affordable.

  • emmas01952

    Lets get them up and selling yesterday.