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 February 8, 2014

Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensariesThe east coast state of Massachusetts has been working on making medical marijuana available to patients for over a year now. But last Friday marked the day that the state granted out the first 20 (of more to come) licenses to run dispensaries. The shops will be spread throughout MA, including one in the high trafficked area of Boylston Street in the heart of Boston. Other cities that will contain the shops include Worcester, Newton, and Salem.

State law says that there can be 35 licenses allowed but officials have decided to just start off with 20 to see how things go. It was promised that more licenses will be given out towards the summer months. The medical marijuana laws in Massachusetts also say that no county shall have more than five dispensaries. But since medical marijuana was approved by voters two years ago, these small steps bring cannabis a little bit closer to the patients in Massachusetts.

One of the clinics opening in MA, named Green Heart Holistic Health, are keeping their fingers crossed that they will be able to open their new shop at the end of the summer, located right across from Boston University Medical Center. They will have their grow site in Amesbury and will not just be growing THC concentrated strains but ones with good amounts of CBD as well, which will help patients that have MS, epilepsy, and cancer. The facility will most likely be a large indoor grow, with smaller plots outside for summer months, as growing marijuana in the cold east coast winters is extremely difficult (there are some people who seem to think that it’s still possible to grow through four feet of snow… Trust me, I’ve spoken to these kinds of people).

The domino effect on the east coast is spreading. While Massachusetts is only allowing medical marijuana for terminal patients and not fully legalizing, it’s still a huge step for the east coast. Support for cannabis is still gaining an incredible amount of momentum and with more people accepting the benefits of the plant, we can hope to see more states push for legalization. At least the east coast is finally managing to make moves in order to even out the country in regards to cannabis acceptance.

Source: THCFinder.Com

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  • malcolmkyle

    The East Will Rise Again!

  • painkills2

    Dana Scully said it best…

  • Ophelia Rump

    The following is misinformation, there are many non-terminal conditions which quailfy an individual for use.
    The wording of the law allows the doctor to make the determination, so no medical condition is excluded by law.

    ” While Massachusetts is only allowing medical marijuana for terminal patients and not fully legalizing,”

    • 420stressDO

      Your dumb I got my med license in MA and I’m not terminally ill

  • Bruce Lee Roy

    Yo,I don’t want to hear “by summer”. I’m fixing to get high my nigga open them shits today.

  • painkills2

    See Dana Scully, below.

  • A.J

    Got my card last may for headaches & lupus. They should have allowed the dispensaries to open sooner

  • CompassionateCannaCare

    It is a bummer dispensaries will not begin to open until the end of summer. I am a caregiver in Massachusetts and allowed to care for one patient. I am currently trying to fill the slot. Please email me if you’re interested in high-quality medicine. EBayatyourfrontdoor@yahoo.com

    • tyler

      hello my name is tyler caldeira , i recently got my medical card form my doctor, i live on cape cod and looking for someone that i can get legit high grade from, i am looking forward to hearing back from you. you can contract me at (tcaldeira14@gmail.com) thank you!!!

    • Babs

      Need help i tried to grow with no avail have lic to grow but can’t

      • dwait

        what city do you live

      • dwait

        like to grow

    • Ash

      hey i am interested lol i obtained my patient license from cannacare docs in oct but the despensaries are not yetready out here. i will try to email u again. thank you.

  • Bruce Lee Roy


  • CompassionateCannaCare

    i feel like there is going to be a launch of a website for a caregiver carring very high quality meds. maybe we wont have to wait for dispensaries ;)

  • R Greene

    Does anyone know of any physicians actually PRESCRIBING medical marijuana? I already have a certification to use it for my condition, however the courts are saying I need an actual prescription to use it while I’m on probation for something having absolutely nothing to do with drugs at all. This is the paradox in which I find myself…Its legal to use cannabis if recommended by an actual physician but you must obtain a prescription, not a certification in order for it to be actually legal.