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 September 2, 2013

marijuana activist jenny kush car accident drunk driverIt is with a heavy heart that I am posting this article. On August 31st long time marijuana activist Jenny Kush was killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver. Below is information found on a recently created ‘Jenny Kush Memorial Fund’ page. I encourage all TWB readers to donate to support Jenny Kush’s legacy and family:

The beautiful and courageous, Jenny Kush, was killed by a drunk driver. Her life was spent promoting awareness and spreading the truth about Marijuana, a safer alternative to the “legal” drug that has stolen her life.

The woman who was driving made a decision to consume a dangerous drug and then get behind the wheel of an dangerous machine. Jenny lost her life because of that dangerous decision.

Jenny was a founding member of our group, Moms for Marijuana International, back when we were on MySpace several years ago. She helped start the first Colorado chapter before she moved on to pursue activism through other local opportunities. She was a dedicated Cannabis Warrior, and her light will be missed in this life.

Jenny leaves behind a grieving family who are stricken with sudden the loss of her in their life. To help aid her soul mate, Jeremy, and her children through this difficult time, we are raising funds to send to them directly.

Please help however you can!

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  8 Responses to “Medical Marijuana Activist Jenny Kush Killed By Drunk Driver”


    No words. Rest In Peace Jenny.


    This makes me so sad and sick and disgusted.
    What a waste of a truly phenomenal lady!


    Medical Marijuana activist “Jenny KUSH”!…… Is that her REAL NAME????? No fucking way!


    Maybe if the driver that crashed into Jenny KUSH was smoking pot instead of drinking alcohol, she might still be alive. Its hard to kill someone in a car crash going 8mph.


    Please stop posting this fund! It is not done by her friends and family and the source has not communicated who they are! The real fund for her children will be announced tomorrow.


    Firing up red dragon kush in memory.

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