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Medical Marijuana Sales To Begin In Connecticut


connecticut medical marijuana testimonyMedical marijuana patients have been waiting a long time in Connecticut to get safe access to medicine. It appears that the wait is over. Late last week it was announced that the first crop of legal medical marijuana is ready for distribution. Per CT Now:

Sales of medical marijuana in Connecticut are expected to begin next week as the first grower prepares to make shipments to dispensaries around the state, nearly two years after the state legalized the use of marijuana to relieve symptoms of some chronic illnesses.

“We are on track to make a Monday delivery,” Daniel Emmans, chief operating officer at Theraplant LLC in Watertown, said Friday. “Over the weekend, we will be arranging the deliveries at the dispensaries.”

Six dispensaries have been licensed by the state to sell medical marijuana, and those contacted Friday said it was likely sales would begin one day after shipments were received at their storefronts. That could put medical marijuana for sale as early as Tuesday.

Prices for medical marijuana in Connecticut are expected to be between $17 and $20 per gram. To an Oregonian, where prices are less than half of that, I find those prices to be incredibly high. However, I’d like to hear from Connecticut residents to see if those prices are average for the area. Right now there is only one producer, so as more producers come on line, hopefully those prices drop. It makes me sad when price gouging occurs because this should be about patients, not profits.


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  • GregC

    CT WEED REVIEWS on YouTube …. Full Video Strain Reviews of CT Medical Marijuana Dispensary Strains and Products…on YouTube…search CT WEED REVIEWS and follow for weekly strain reviews and info

  • Bob Mylow

    Did a reply got lost or some such likely appear after I post this. Hate having a seizure mid post I’m a TBI survivor with some where around 15 or 20 major issues from blackouts to not being able to talk or type. bear with me. I think I was in last post trying to state that the need for many strains can’t be over stressed. I can tell you from experience the strain from one grower will not always equal to same strain from another. So often many just think cannabis is marijuana. Ones medicine the others street sales. The moving down the schedule class not likely to happen hopefully. It will tear down all current medical systems and end recreational status in several states if it went to class 2. No state can legally by federal standards reduce it’s class. Like I stated in my lost post have 18 years experience medical cannabis legally per say if such a thing existed. I understand your states new and trying to make it look as transparent as possible but over regulation can hobble the system to the point of stalling. My city doesn’t allow dispensaries but a deliver coop is in place with 4 locations to call. They work with the grower just this city alone has last count 47 growers to maintain a wide selection of strains. Most of the growers are small scale easier to keep secure. Most only working with a few strains. our coops try to vary their selections from one another each using different suppliers all together with near by cities and counties literally 200 strains available. Many think that’s over kill but other will tell you it’s barely enough. Cannabis strains are best described as in many cases completely different with the combinations of cannabinoids as aspirin to gabapentin . What I was pointing out is your states treating it like marijuana the street drug. Not cannabis the medication. No 4 or 5 or 10 or 15 growers will not likely meet the demand of strain diversity. Once they get too large regardless of what deals your state thinks it has with the DEA they will come knocking. Even if they don’t to many eggs in one basket causes more issues than smaller growers spread out over wider areas. Sorry for rambling brain injury fact is I’m not suppose even be alive.

  • Bob Mylow

    Sorry only been working in and around medical cannabis since 1996. Relying on 3 or 4 growers even from the start is a bottle neck. Having just 1 is almost pointless. Problem is strain diversity. Not every grower will be successful with every strain. No single strain can address the needs of every patient. Any medical cannabis patient will tell you he didn’t go in buy a strain and bang it worked. Most will tell you that they had to try many strain till they found the right ones to address their medical conditions . With the emphasizes many strains. Frequently they have different strains for different situations and times of day.

    This was the lost post it showed up later. made some corrections and left it up. take care lol

  • HappyMJinCT

    It’s such a shame how many people don’t understand the process that’s happening in CT. The state has developed a very smart program. It is based on the federal and state drug classification. Marijuana is a class 1 FEDERAL narcotic (like heroin or LSD-an obvious fallacy) while CT (state level) has made it a class 2 narcotic (totally legal, more accessible, won’t lose your career, etc). That’s how drugs work. They move up or down by one class at a time. Vicodin just went up a class from a class 3 narcotic to a 2 (tougher to get). When marijuana is a CLASS 2 FEDERAL narcotic- this will be a memory!!!! And the program is easier in many ways for marijuana than other class 2 drugs (like Adderall or Percocet). People need to petition their Congress representatives. There are very few that support the reclassification of marijuana and that’s the biggest problem we’ve got!!!
    This program is in it’s infancy. There is only ONE grower that has product on the market. There is nobody yet competing against them. It’s a fantastic position for them to be in, BUT there are 3 more growers that have to bring product onto the market. That’s a lot more selection which drives prices down. We need to let this play out. There is NO limit in sales, just available product. PLEASE, educate yourselves on the program. It is working for a lot of very sick (often elderly) patients that would otherwise not have access to marijuana. Support!!!

  • tim

    yes , we are the laughing stock for all the other mmj states. It is a shame. We are paying at least twice the price for what its worth.
    ( and its not worth much )
    If we could only get the same great products as say a CA or COLO , I would pay whatever the market dictated !

  • LD

    I can deal with the prices, but not destroying the product. Quite the travesty.

  • Brian

    We’ll put but I doubt that anyone will stop buying anytime soon.

  • Brian

    Ya I did say the first purchase exceeded my expectations but obviously the prices are out of hand.

  • tim

    bottom line last thought , I am Very Happy that we now have dispensaries !!! ,It has been a long time coming . and if we can not have the state change the grind up rule , then we can change the pricing . I do believe that in the long term , it will resolve itself , as the other 20 or so states have started the ball rolling , and CT will see that if money is an issue ( i’m guessing yes ) then everyone in CT will be a winner, as I for one would be happy to pay , the average price ,or higher ,If I was able to walk down to my local store , 6 days a week , and have 1.. a safe environment, 2 a large selection.of many different stains ,3. in full flower format, 4. at all price points .beginning at 1 gm 5. along with hash oils etc, . and I feel hopeful that if we write and contact the state and convey to the dispensaries , they are must also contact the state , because we are all in this new program together ( financially speaking ). that It should all work its self out within the next few years . Until then… I will use the dispensaries as a last resort ,And I have decided to try and be happy , that this is a starting point…
    that at least now , I have an option .

  • tim

    Were you not the same person that said the products “exceeded your expectations” ???? In any case
    As long as we continue to buy at these prices , they will continue to sell it to us at theses prices .. period
    But I will bet you that if all 2000 plus patients WALKED INTO their dispensaries , looked around .. and then said .. Thank You , But the prices do not support these this quality of product , AND THEN WALKED OUT .
    I will bet you in 8 weeks , prices will go down …
    BUT as long as they grind it ,,, they will always have crap . just a matter of price

  • Brian

    Same here dude I went and got the hybrid strain with supposedly a higher level of thc and it was worse than my original experience. Also it looked no where near 5 grams but I didn’t have a scale to confirm. I’ve spent over 300$ total and I’m feel like such an ass now. 318$ for 15g that’s crazy.

  • tim

    Well… like a fool with his money, I went back to try the new strain #4 and the “med tabs” from Theraplant with the hope that my first experience was a fluke .
    It Was Not ! !!
    The “med tabs” are a joke also . and yes I did find , a so called “nugs” in my pile of shit . the size of half a pencil eraser !
    To those who consider this as something to be pleased about , I say those folks have never seen , CA or COLO , or AZ ,or anywhere for that matter , and if you cant get there…. pick up a copy of high times and see what your missing ..!!
    Ct is selling shake. Its about as simple as that . It all overpriced , It all bullshit , and I really cant say much else.. except stay away and maybe supply and demand will win out … one day … good luck all

  • Queen

    What in the flying fuck are these prices? bring this sit down. $11 a gram is where shit needs to be

  • jennifer38

    Can anyone clarify this for me? Maine and Rhode Island accept cards from other states…Do we need an additional doctor’s note on top of having the card? Does anyone know the prices?

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  • painkills2


  • Brian

    I totally agree with you man it’s rough. It doesn’t make sense that the sick should be paying almost double the street value when we already pay to be able to medicate legally by purchasing a card. I was told prices will drop soon and hopefully that is true.

  • Andrew

    thanks for sharing this. it is awful how far they will go to make a dollar. HIV meds, Cancer treatment, etc. etc. while Cannabis literally grows on trees. Hopefully you can find a cheap private source or grow your own one day!