Jul 162013
 July 16, 2013

michigan drug test testing welfareBy Phillip Smith

The Republican-controlled Michigan House Friday approved a bill that would allow for the suspicion-based drug testing of welfare recipients. The bill, House Bill 4118, now heads to the state Senate.

The bill would set up a pilot program in three counties, to be evaluated after one year. The Department of Human Services would report results to the legislature.

It would require new welfare applicants to undergo a screening for drug use using an “empirically validated substance abuse screening tool,” and if the screening indicates the likelihood of drug use, “the applicant is required to take a substance abuse test.” The same procedure would apply to existing welfare recipients, who would be required to be screened annually.

Drug testing would be paid for by the state, unless the applicant or recipient tested positive. In that case, he or she would have to pay for the test.

People who tested positive on a drug test could continue to receive benefits if they enter drug treatment, while those refusing or failing to follow treatment would lose their benefits.

The Michigan legislature is following in the footsteps of a handful of other states that have passed public benefits drug testing bills. This despite evidence in recent weeks that such programs have few tangible benefits. In Utah, for example, authorities screened more than 4,400 welfare applicants, but found only nine who tested positive on drug tests.

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  • White Widow 2007

    How do they expect to handle those who possess a legal MMM card? The disabled, will they again be discriminated against? Are they going to pee test children? This needs to be stopped.

  • Thomas Lee Howell

    Ignorant ass law. so IF you are a medical MJ patient and NEED it to keep from being addicted to KILLER pain medicine prescribed by a quack you cannot eat? Stupid MFs.

  • Sarijuana

    Once again conservatives choose to operate on ignorance instead of fact to create new ways to spend money uselessly

  • Joe Voll

    Unless your using drugs, you have nothing to worry about.

    • scott

      Ever hear of “Innocent until proven guilty.” People shouldn’t HAVE to be “not using drugs”, as you say, to be free from suspicion. But you may not be very familiar with what it means to have Civil Liberties, Human Rights, or what it means to be an American citizen… So for this simple ignorance, I forgive you.

  • doug420

    if they paid you for farts (*instead of urine) I would .

  • MCC Mobility

    This will regulate and will serve and validate substance abuse and a good screening tool for recipients. That’s a nice welfare act. Keep it up!

    lift wheelchair