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 February 2, 2016

michigan marijuanaMarijuana Business Daily produces a chart every week detailing an aspect of marijuana law reform in America; their latest puts Michigan among the top medical marijuana programs in the country, based on per capita participation.

Michigan ranks fourth among the top five states with the greatest participation in their medical programs. The data is prepared on a per capita basis, which equalizes all states in the assessment regardless of population size.

The top participating state is California, with 29.3 medical marijuana patients per 1,000 adult residents. Colorado’s program ranks second with 25.7 participants, followed by Oregon (24.6), Michigan (23.2) and Washington State (20.3).

Noted by report author Becky Olsen, not all states require registration of patients. Both California and Washington State’s patient numbers are approximated for this reason, as are several others. “Estimates for patient counts are developed based on similar markets,” Olsen writes.

View the graphic at the Marijuana Business Daily’s website.

Olsen’s analysis of the reasoning for participation variances is worth a read. The patient figures used in the graphic include the recent Michigan patient numbers released by the state showing more than 180,000 patients registered under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles

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  • Tim Locke

    Michigan does not require registration into the State System. In 2013, Michigan had over 300,000 Registered Patients and Caregivers. That of course does not include those not registered as they are not countable.

    • Eric Lacy

      What do you mean “Michigan does not require registration into the state system”…. In order to be protected under the state “Michigan Medical Marihuana Program”, you HAVE to be registered.

      • Tim Locke

        The MMM Program clearly makes provisions for Registered and Unregistered Patients.

        Even the State Supreme Court has made this very clear.