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 March 11, 2016

michigan marijuana legalization milegalizeThe MILegalize campaign needs your help. If you are in the area, please attend and encourage others to do the same. Below are more details via the event’s Facebook page:

The MILegalize campaign is making the final push to secure a spot on the November 2016. MILegalize is the absolute last hope to bring sanity to cannabis policy this year in Michigan. With the help of the cannabis reform community and concerned citizens, we have the real ability to put a comprehensive approach to cannabis into law- that will stop the madness.

This event is hosted by attorney Bruce Leach of Kirsch Leach and Associates – Enjoy fine dining and discussion with MILegalize board members and other top cannabis reform advocates and support what will be the most sensible and progressive law concerning cannabis- in the world.

When: Saturday, March 26 at 6 PM – 9 PM

Where: Flint Golf Club 3100 Lakewood Dr, Flint, Michigan 48507



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