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 September 8, 2015

michigan medical marijuana town hallThe annual Labor Day Walk across the Mackinac Bridge will once again feature a group from Michigan’s chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (MINORML).

The cannabis liberation organization will have a contingent in bright shirts waking the 5 mile trek, spreading good will and information to the thousands. The event is Monday, September 7.

It is absolutely free to walk the Mackinac Bridge, an annual event for many years in Michigan. The Walk is traditionally led by the Governor and has become a tradition for many groups and organizations, like churches and schools. MINORML has brought a splash of color to the event by outfitting their walkers with bright neon t-shirts.

One-half of the bridge known as the Big Mac is devoted to walkers, while the other half remains open for traffic. The path is watched over by National Guardsmen, who ensure that nobody jumps off the bridge (no one ever has) and that pedestrians and traffic do not mix. The Bridge is the only connection between the two halves of a divided state: the mitten, Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, and the rugged and adventurous Upper Peninsula. They are separated by a stretch of Lake Michigan so broad that the Big Mac was built five miles long to span it. The Big Mac was, for decades, the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Walkers gather on the northern side of the bridge, beneath the huge flag pole in the giant Welcome Park at the first exit off the bridgeway itself. Booths and coffee vendors serve the thousands of citizens; military vehicles and state police are on display to combat terrorism and littering. Most walkers park on the southern side of the bridge and board buses, which carry them over the bridge they will walk across just minutes later.

Although the MINORML group doesn’t plan to leave their site to begin the walk until 8am, walkers are encouraged to arrive before 7am. Buses are slow to travel over the reduced-traffic span of the Bridge, and the loading/unloading process is lengthy.

There are no restrooms, garbage cans or places to sit on the Bridge itself, so only walkers with the endurance to make the entire trip are urged to join the group. For those unable to walk there are still plenty of ways to help; Rev. Steven Thompson will be manning a makeshift welcome area for our walkers at a rest stop near the Burger King on the Mackinac City side. For more information on how to participate, please visit the MINORML Facebook page at:

Source: The Compassion Chronicles



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    MINORML Renews The Mackinac Bridge Walk Connection | The Weed Blog


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