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 January 6, 2015

resigned ginny chadwick columbia missour marijuanaYesterday I wrote about Ginny Chadwick, a Columbia, Missouri City Council member that was facing a recall vote. The recall vote effort was led and organized by marijuana activists after Ginny Chadwick voted against reducing penalties for marijuana cultivation in Columbia, Missouri. Her ‘no’ vote came after she expressed publicly that she would support the reduction in penalties. After flip flopping on her position, she faced swift backlash.

That backlash from the marijuana community, which combined with others that opposed her, proved to be too much for Ginny Chadwick because she announced her resignation yesterday. Per the Columbia Tribune:

In an email addressed to Mayor Bob McDavid and also sent to fellow council members and city staff, Chadwick said she would be completing graduate school at the University of Missouri this year and plans to subsequently to pursue a doctorate. She said she had planned to resign in August anyway and that it would be an “unwise use of city resources” to place a recall election for her seat on the April ballot.

“I am taking this action to achieve what I believe will be the best result for the City of Columbia as well as my own personal and professional life going forward,” Chadwick said.

Ginny Chadwick gave a very politically correct explanation for her resignation. And she of course is entitled to say whatever she wants. However, it’s pretty obvious that she resigned because she was facing an inevitable recall vote. Hopefully it serves as a lesson to all elected officials that if they vote for prohibition policies, they will be held accountable. Especially if they act like they support reform, then go behind activists’ backs and vote against reform.



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  7 Responses to “Missouri City Council Member Resigns Due To Recall Effort Led By Marijuana Activists”


    Good… Glad they forced this out of touch moron out of office. We need to see this happen more often.


    There is now “blood in the water”. Excellent.


    Uh yeah, typical BS. “She had planned to resign in August anyway” politicians are still underestimating the movement. It’s a new day.


    Yes. Take note all of you double dealer politicians out there. Do what you promised or you could be next

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