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 September 21, 2014

Nevada medical Marijuana dispensariesNevada is going to launch it’s medical cannabis industry in just a few months. Nevada has had a medical cannabis program for a long time, but dispensaries weren’t approved until recently. One major detail of the recently passed legislation that legalized medical cannabis dispensaries is that Nevada will allow out of state patients to purchase medical cannabis at licensed dispensaries. Nevada of course is a top tourist destination, so this could turn into a very, very lucrative industry.

Per Marijuana Business Daily:

It’s called “reciprocity,” and only a few other states in the country have it, but to varying degrees. Maine, for example, allows for reciprocity, but requires confirmation from a doctor. And in Rhode Island, it’s legal for out-of-state MMJ patients to possess up to two and a half ounces, but they’re not allowed to purchase marijuana at dispensaries. But Nevada is something of a test case, because their dispensaries will likely target out-of-state MMJ patients as a market.

“You show us your card, you show us your ID, you sign an affidavit, and you can participate in our program,” said state Sen. Richard “Tick” Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, one of the prime sponsors of the measure to establish MMJ dispensaries in the state (Senate Bill 374).

Places like Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Reno are top tourist destinations for people from around the world. Medical cannabis patients from around the world will be allowed to make purchases while on vacation. Imagine what that could work out to for these areas. Imagine what it could potentially do for other parts of Nevada that will now have some extra to offer tourists near their casinos.

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    Stoned and broke in Las Vegas ! Catchy movie title !


      13 Oceans of Bud
      Can’t Blame it on the Hangover
      Thank God I Wasn’t Hungover
      Get Him to the Greek Weed
      Bud and the Showgirls
      Stoner Showgirls (Rated X)
      Rain Man Bud
      It’s Raining Bud, Man
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      What’s Smoked in Vegas, Stays in Vegas


    Since my state doesn’t have a medical marijuana program and I can’t enjoy reciprocity from Nevada (according to this article), I guess I’m s.o.l.


    It’s a shame Nevada is giving out licenses to grow and dispensaries to the highest bidder and not letting the market decide. I’m one of the top medical growers in Nevada specializing in veganic gardening and I’m left out of the loop because I don’t have a $10,000 non refundable application fee or $250,000 in liquid assets to start a business.


    Check out to get your medical marijuana evaluation!


    Wish the casinos in New Mexico would become welcoming to bud. With falling revenue, instead of branching out with new ideas like cannabis legalization, the tribes are busy doing this stuff:

    “The tribe seeks to cut the state out of any slot machine revenue and lower the drinking age to 18. Also gone would be state restrictions that ban serving alcohol in gambling areas; prohibit cashing payroll, Social Security or welfare checks at casinos; limit the number of gambling facilities; and set certain personal injury remedies for casino customers.”

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