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 November 30, 2014

new approach idaho marijuanaWhen it comes to marijuana policy, Idaho is a very, very scary place. I have a lot of family in the Middleton and Nampa area of Idaho, and some of the stories they have told me have frightened me. My cousin had to serve several months in jail simply because he had a used pipe in his pocket. Another cousin gave up using marijuana altogether because the risk of getting caught, and the punishment that goes with it, was just too much for him. Why marijuana is OK on one side of the Snake River, but considered to be one of the worst things on the planet on the other side of the Snake River, is beyond me.

A group is trying to change that. Per KSL.Com:

New Approach Idaho is the latest pro-marijuana organization to emerge after a string of failed attempts by other groups over the years to legalize marijuana in Idaho.

Idaho’s marijuana laws are archaic and illogical, New Approach member Bill Esbensen said. Idahoans suffering from medical ailments shouldn’t have to worry about being arrested for possession, he said.

“If we regulate it, then much of it will be off the streets,” Esbensen said. “Prohibition has failed.”

The battle to legalize in Idaho will not be hard. I often think of Idaho being one of the last states to end marijuana prohibition. However, if enough resources get pumped into the state, and there is enough organization on the ground, anything is possible. I will say that the signature requirement in Idaho is much lower than most other states (53,751), which requires much less money for a signature campaign, which will be helpful to Idaho’s efforts.



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    I have a rare form of CRPS from brain damage. I’m a patient of one of the pain clinics in Boise. As of right now all pain clinics are following the CDC which is against pain meds, and want to be rid of them completely. I have followed the law and rules to try to have a life with less pain, but they keep taking more and more away and can’t offer another treatment like cannabis even though my doctor has said it would be the best for me. Even went far enough to say I should look into moving my family to Washington or Oregon. Honestly I believe that we should allow medical use in idaho. They can treat and heal so many things instead of using something addictive. But as all people who live in the idaho medical communities we know idaho is 5 to 10 yrs behind medical. And are people are behind with ideals almost 100 years. Prohibition never works, if people want something they will find away to get it, all it does is keeps criminals with the money and power. Our only hope is that people will wake up and see that it can help so many.


      I am so sorry that you’re going threw such a tough time I have no idea why idaho is not leaglized yet I honestly do think going to Oregon or washington would be the best idea for you because you never know when it will be legal, we all have no clue it might be to lait by the time it is do what you think is best for yourself stay strong I hope the best for you idaho is just not the place to stay at times like yours why take a bunch of meds that will give you other symptoms that might kill you. I am not trying to tell you what to do but do what you think is going to the best for your self I am so sorry this is happening to you I wish you luck


        Idaho should legalize Marijuana because our state could benifit from cultivation of pot on a large scale. Farmers would ditch potatoes to grow that wonderful crop.


    I suffered a head injury that was severe enough to detach my retina and left me with a permanent migraine type of headache. My doctor prescribed hydrocodone, problem is I’m allergic to it and all other opiates. I found that marijuana gave me relief from the pain. However since I live in Idaho seeking relief can get me in serious trouble. I don’t get what gives someone the right to force me to live in pain needlessly because of their moral values. They don’t like marijuana then that’s fine. I’m not forcing them to use it. Where is the equality here? I bet if I took away their alcohol, which they use only for their own enjoyment, they would scream their heads off. I don’t drink the stuff by the way. I would just like some relief from the constant pain, is that really too much to ask?

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