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New Attorney General Would Not Change Obama’s Marijuana Policy

obama medical marijuana enforcementLoretta Lynch is the nominee to replace outgoing United States Attorney General Eric Holder. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding her stance on marijuana, with some outlets erroneously stating that she disagrees with Obama when it comes to marijuana policy. The truth is, if confirmed, Loretta Lynch would not push for any changes to Obama’s current policies. The feds will allow states to proceed with marijuana legalization, however they reserve the right to step in and prosecute people that they sit fit. She will not push for marijuana legalization. Per Tom Angell’s article for Marijuana.Com:

The Obama administration’s nominee to replace Eric Holder as attorney general would continue the Justice Department’s policy of letting states implement marijuana legalization largely without federal interference as long as several public safety criteria continue to be met by those states.

Loretta Lynch, who would become the first African-American woman to serve as the nation’s attorney general, said during a hearingbefore the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that the administration’s current approach “certainly would be my policy if confirmed as attorney general.”

In response to questioning from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Lynch described the policy as an attempt to ”work with state systems that have chosen to take admittedly a different approach from the federal government with respect to marijuana.”

I think what we can expect from Loretta Lynch is more of the same. She will pursue a more progressive approach to marijuana reform than past administrations, but comprehensive federal reform will not occur while she is around. There will be no federal marijuana legalization being pushed by her office, or rescheduling of marijuana on her watch. Will she be an ardent opponent of marijuana? No. But will she take it upon herself to make any progressive changes as Attorney General? The answer would be no to that as well. Be prepared for things to stay how they are now.

  • Jeff deutsch

    Cancer patients shouldn’t be used as “political footballs” There’s no reason in the world for Marijuana to be on Schedule 1. Cancer patients need safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana and the government shouldn’t be stopping Physicians from prescribing it. The current situation is NUTS.

    • Bongstar420

      Schedule 1 is a false construct in its self

  • The truth

    These asshole cowards are all the same!!! Nobody has the guts to do the right thing. They want to out the onus on a republican congress and you know how that will turn out. So sad…ready for a younger generation to change things for the better.

    • Bongstar420

      Its your job to get the position and do what “you think is right.” You would do the same thing as them because your paycheck is more important than someone else’s.

  • Valient

    My real complaint at this point is that no nationally recognized journalists, scientists, doctors, or politicians are pursuing this. They should be furious. This is the biggest human rights travesty going on in America, and everyone is laregly ignoring it

    We know the truth. We know that the reefer madness of the 1930s was all racist lies. We know that cannabis never should have been scheduled.We know that Nixon received his own government report that said so over 40 years ago. We know that all of the brain damage, cancer, lung disease, psychosis, etc were all lies. So much so that they keep making up new lies and fears while gradually phasing the old “reasons” out.

    We know that cannabis fits 0/3 requirements to be scheduled In any case. We know that tobacco and alcohol would be schedule 1.We also know that the government unconstitutionally made the whole Controlled Substances Act in the first place, but the only people who could reverse that are never going to take power away from themselves.

    And we know that the Attorney General could start the process to reschedule at any time,the president could executive order it to a lower schedule to allow real research and command them to start the process.

    Instead millions of innocents are suffering while everyone who could be making a difference is silent. This is absurd.

    • Minor correction. It is not absurd. It is a crime against humanity.

      • Bongstar420

        So is sending children to church and deluding them with nonsense which causes them to support objectively backwards policies….Yet no one is complaining about that because it isn’t a nearly non-toxic high.

        • No one is complaining because it doesn’t kill one person a minute and send 100 a day to jail.

    • Bongstar420

      And yet putting crack heads and heroin addicts in prison is A-OK?

      • Valient

        No, it’s not. We could do a lot to help them by legalizing. I also think the whole Controlled Substances Act was unconstituional. But this conversation was about cannabis.

        *clarification – I think all drugs should be legalized and regulations should be put into place to ensure proper ingredients, preparation, dosages, safety measures, etc.

        • Bongstar420

          Agreed, though it isn’t just about cannabis no matter how much we might want it to be- its due to the Controlled Substances Act. You can’t address pot scheduling without recognizing the discongruency of the whole lot.

          • Valient

            I’m aware of that, but at the moment I feel that rather than attempting to take the whole CSA down at once, it’d be better to get a definite win for cannabis first. From that, we can start the discussion of – your government has been lying to you for over 40 years about cannabis. They’re also lying about many of the other “controlled substances.” etc.

            You have to remember, over half of the world still believes in adult fairy tales. They despise science and logic. They can’t understand the horrible effects of what they’re doing/supporting even when you break it down to a 3rd grade level for them.

        • Denny

          No, we should be helping them become drug free…

          • Patrick Star

            Big Pharma will not allow that .

  • Frank

    Another monkey with a hand grenade.

  • Cyndysub

    She could be posing for the position to get the camel’s nose under the tent.

  • I favor conservative change. Let us restore the situation to what it was in 1936.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

    • Nomoretomatoes

      “Will someone please fix the record player, it seems to be stuck/skipping on “no more taxed than tomatoes”, “no more taxed than tomatoes”?
      Pot must really wreck your head!

      • And yet you have fixed your name to reflect my sentiment. Excellent!

        And I don’t smoke anything but tobacco.

        • rreefer

          … looks like we gotta enemy agent in our midst!!!( remember Mr. Burns on the boat full of hippies and the bong.. what this? Harmless tobacco! “I sure gave those hippies what for”)

          • If I could afford weed and had a source of supply…. Are you volunteering?

            No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

      • No more tomatoes? They are really good in salads. And there is no tomato tax.

      • Sarijuana

        I think it’s a good mantra

        • Thank you.

        • Bic

          Yeah I like no more intelligent than a tomato too. Ha!

          • Guest

            Speaking personally, correct?

          • Guest

            speaking personally, correct?

          • Sarijuana

            Speaking personally?

      • Dom

        How bout this for Simon? No more intelligent than a tomato.

        • I don’t have to be. I have you for that. In the mean time I’m changing the way the movement (and then the wider population) thinks about tax and regulate. Like any good political slogan it is simple. Easy to remember. And repeated endlessly until it takes effect.

          You may be brilliant but you are totally ignorant of how to get wide spread political change.

          No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

    • Joshawwa

      Conservative change is an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one!

      • It means going back to the way things used to be before Progressives introduced the Prohibition law. And yes. These days the positions (for the most part) are reversed. But going back to the way things used to be is conservative. More conservative than those who claim the mantle these days.

  • Bongstar420

    The attorney generals position is not relevant. They merely enforce the law and have no legitimate authority to speculate on what ought to be anymore than other people with the same intellectual capacity.

    • contrariant

      Actually the AG heads all federal law enforcement agencies including the DEA, and can alter the Controlled Substance Schedule. Even a Class 2 would allow medical research on cannabis. BTW, hydrocodone has just been elevated from Class 3 to Class 2 due to widespread abuse. Because I occasionally take percocet the VA did a urinalysis on me and other vets starting this last year. Anyone found using cannabis lost their script regardless of their need, and had to go through drug rehab in order to continue receiving medical services from the VA clinics and hospitals.