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New Hampshire Lawmakers Introduce Marijuana Legalization Bill


new hampshire marijuanaBy Phillip Smith

A bipartisan group of five legislators has introduced legislation to legalize marijuana possession in New Hampshire.

The bill, House Bill 492, would legalize the possession of up to an ounce by adults 21 and over and allow the cultivation of a limited number of plants by adults. It would also allow for licensed and regulated marijuana commerce.

The measure has majority support in the state, but just barely. A Public Policy Polling survey earlier this month found 53% supported changing state law to regulate marijuana alike alcohol, with 37% opposed.

The Granite State is only one of at least six states where legislators have filed or will file marijuana legalization bills this year. The others are Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

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  • i was born in the capitol on nh its my omestate i grew up there first 20 years of my life im only 22. if they legalize bd there ill move back.

  • Cennith

    And so it begins, an end to cannabis prohibition And about damn time to!

  • 2buds

    Rhode Island is twice as committed to changing the law – awesome!

  • Colorado supports cannabis legalization in NH! Live Free Or Die!