Aug 052013

Arkansas marijuana legalizationCourtesy of The Joint Blog

The nonprofit organization Arkansans For Medical Cannabis has filed a new initiative with the Arkansas Attorney General which would legalize cannabis for all adults 21 and older.

The attorney general will now conduct a legal review of the ballot language. If the language is approved, signature collection can begin; the group is hoping to put the proposal to a vote of the people in the 2014 general election.

If the initiative – which is a constitutional amendment – is approved, cannabis possession, cultivation and licensed retail sales will be legalized in the State of Arkansas for adults 21 and older; industrial hemp legalization is included. Robert Reed, Chairman of Arkansas For Medical Cannabis, tells us that under this proposed law people will be able to grow cannabis “just like you do grapes”. According to Reed, the initiative will effectively put an end to cannabis prohibition in the state.

Those interested in getting involved should go to the website for Arkansas For Medical Cannabis; you can also find them on Facebook.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com

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Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • Gaynel Allen

    Thank you for posting some good local (for me) information. I don’t usually play well with others but sometimes you just have to. I would personally like to see marijuana decriminalized and out of the medical hands.

    • 2buds

      Local for me as well. I think they left out “Transport” from the amendment – could be a stickler though. And yes – legal for all Medical / Recreational / Grow yer own up to 6 / Hemp production too!

      Probably get shot down – oh well.

      • Gaynel Allen

        Well that’s when we start wanting some answers and the truth. You know the unwashed masses don’t really have much but this plant was given to the earth and no man has the right to monopolize it. We start asking louder and louder until they can hear nothing else. ok, sorry. I tend to get wound up! ;) If there is any sense left in the world they will just FREE THE PLANT and I believe it will happen. We just need to wait till everybody’s brain catches up with their ass.

  • brfd532

    Good luck Arkansas!!!

  • Riverguide101

    This is riverguide101. I’m local an if your in central Arkansas you may know me by this call sign.(shh)lol. But if you are an Arkansan lets get excited about this. Lets get motivated and fight like hell to get this thru!!!! This should be the one where we pull out all stops. Get everyone excited and go to work. This HAS to happen!

  • Citizengreen

    this must happen.

  • Mark Rogel

    Please pass this law, you don’t how grateful we would be of this, also keep me informed about the legalization in Arkansas!

  • hippie08

    i want it to be legalized im having a difficult time finding a please all vote for legalization in 2014.

  • Securl

    Yes I have been bipolar for 25 years and insomnia. And the only choices are is to
    pop pills that make you have bloody urine,stool,ect. I could get drunk and wake up with the shits or I can smoke herb and feel relaxed not angry and I can go to sleep. And yes I know how my body feels and I am waiting for Arkansas ballot 2014 and want to thank everyone that has been our backbone for the cause