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New Poll Finds 82% In Florida Support Medical Cannabis Legalization


Florida medical marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

new poll conducted by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute has found that a huge majority of Floridians are in support of medical cannabis legalization.

According to the poll, 82% of Florida residents favor the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes (including 70% of Republicans), with just 16% opposed to such a move. These numbers are exciting and promising, especially as the group United for Care continues to work on putting a medical cannabis initiative on next year’s ballot; the group has collected over 200,000 signatures thus far.

The poll also found that more Floridians support recreational cannabis legalization than oppose it; 48% favor legalization for all adults, with 46% who either having concerns about such a move, or who oppose it.

This poll is the first to show such strong support for legalization in Florida, and is the first to show support for medical cannabis above 80%.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  • Nicholas Sirgado

    i have MS, and I use cannabis to help with my multiple symptoms of MS, in a non toxic way..won’t hurt my liver, wont overdose, been using cannabis for a number of years with no negative side affects

  • emtsirgado

    I have ms, cannabis helps me cope with
    My symptoms in a non toxic way, wont harm
    My liver and wont overdose

  • Sarijuana

    It’s so important to have this kind of support from voters. What’s more important if the legislation is implemented and passed, is that the program be set up for success so more people will learn about marijuana and realize it isn’t the demon they’ve been led to believe it is.

  • fester09

    Hard to find many issues that 82% of the people agree on these days, and yet the Politicians in Florida will continue to ignore it probably. Is that how democracy is supposed to work? I personally think not.