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New TV Ad Urges New York Gov. Cuomo To Support Medical Marijuana

In this new TV ad, a doctor describes how his wife, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, could benefit from medical marijuana. He states, “knowing there’s a medication that could help my wife, but that medication is illegal here in New York, is agonizing,” and calls on Governor Andrew Cuomo to support the Compassionate Care Act. New Yorkers are urged to sign our Petition —… – which calls on Governor Cuomo and Senate leaders to pass medical marijuana this year.

  • jorey

    New York has an overwhelming support for Marijuana. Both medical and recreational. Anyway with elections coming up this year lets see hoe this guy acts, if at all.

  • Sarijuana

    I hope this is the first of many ads just like it. Get on with the vote already!

  • MrPC

    I always thought New York was some great hotbed of liberalism, with forward-thinking political leaders, yet it has been among the slowest to recognize the facts about cannabis. What’s up with that, New York? Most citizens believe it should be legal, yet career politicians still stand in the way. Perhaps it’s time for some of these guys to look for other opportunities.

    • kelemi

      Then there’s NYC, with Bloomberg’s “Stop and Frisk”, no 2 liter soda bottles and 21 to buy tobacco. While DiBlasio ended Stop and Frisk, the cops are still busy sniffing out pot.