Nov 302012
 November 30, 2012

NJWeedman - Jury Nullification tourHelp “NJWeedman” go on a Jury Nullification Tour, helping others marijuana defendants!

Robert Edward Forchion jr, – aka- NJWeedman one of the most prominent and active marijuana activists in the nation recently won a huge Jury Nullification “marijuana” case in New Jersey. –// NJweedman is one of the few outspoken African-American MJ activist in the nation and his perspective on the “WAR on DRUGS” has been reported on for years now, his recent case in New Jersey highlights how important and accurate his views on the WAR on DRUGS has been. Some call him the 21st century William Penn others say he should be in the Penn but on Oct 18th a New Jersey Jury said he was like William Penn –

“My life was saved by Jury Nullification and I want to give back to society by helping other marijuana defendants across the country. Enlightening the local public to a Constitutional tool for “WE THE PEOPLE” to win this war on drugs with legalization”!

NJWeedman is going on the offense, rigging up his weedmobil with cameras/audio and a plan to make a reality show out of his adventures this spring. On January 17th NJWeedman must appear one more time before the Burlington County Court, from there he plans on touring the country this spring on a “JURY NULLIFICATION victory TOUR“.

He wants to take his “WEEDMOBIL” on the road, visiting towns and cities across the country lending support and Jury Nullification enlightenment to targeted Juries and communities nationally. Getting airtime on local radio and TV. Hitting pro marijuana festivals such as the Michigan/Ann Arbor Hash-Bash, Seattle Hemp Fest, National 420 Rally in Washington DC and Boston Freedom Rally. All the while video recording everything around and in the weedmobil, the center of his travels. –

Most importantly NJweedman wants to roll into towns a few weeks before a marijuana defendants trial begins with the goal of using himself and the weedmobil to generate news stories in local newspapers talking about Jury Nullification – reaching this individuals potential jurors. NJweedman wants to distribute massive amounts of fija fliers ( ), and pass out leaflets explaining Jury Nullification all round the courthouse preceding trial. he did this in his own trial -

NJWeedman wants to re-pitch this idea to a major TV network again as a reality show. Defendants nation-wide wishing or seeking to use the NJWeedman defense and enlist his help would call and ask him and the weedmobil to come to their town – to make a big deal of the case and promote Jury Nullification “420”.


The Impact

The impact of this project on America’s “WAR on DRUGS” as a whole could be enormous. If this project gets picked up by a network as a “reality series”, or real life documentary it could impact how thousands of marijuana defendants chose to defend themselves. The show would be about the travels of NJWeedman in his Weedmobil and the main goal would be to enlighten Americans to the concept of Jury Nullification as a defense to the tyrannical prosecutions of peaceful pot smokers. (victims of our nations war on drugs.

This is the type of press coverage I got when I did this for my own case and I believe I could use the WEEDMOBIL and myself as examples to locals on how to win marijuana cases with a jury. –

What is needed

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, writers, Cameras, weedmobil repairs, Gas money, food, living money, support crew, hotel fares.

Other Ways You Can Help

If can’t contribute $$$, that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Help get the word out via social media and make some noise!
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Call your local press
  • let defendants in your area know about this project.
  • help this – The Jury Nullification Project


To help NJWeedman reach his goal, visit his page

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  • Stinky

    Hope he is not fool enough not to think about how many times he is going to get pulled over and cavity searched driving that van with his dreads at the wheel. Good luck to you my friend! I sure he won’t be holding and lets hope that you are not pulled over and piss tested claimed that you were breaking any traffic laws. I truly wish you all the best you modern day weed warrior.

  • Safe Access Covenant

    Thanks Ed for always finding away to help others get there freedoms and proving americans do still stand for justice even under a bias Goverment, You are really a Modern Day Martin Luther King of the are day. Im sure that you will be vindicated sooner then Later for all the hate you have turned to faith in are system. Thank You for your sacrifices and services upholding are civil rights as americans with your life. Salute,Sincere Thanks, Safe Access Covenant