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No One Should Ever Be Sexually Assaulted Because Of Marijuana Prohibition


cavity search marijuana texas petition white houseA new White House petition has been started and brought to my attention by a very hardworking activist named TriXter Phillips. TriXter sent me a guest post during the election that I wasn’t able to post due to time conflicts, and for that I am truly, truly sorry. Hardworking activists need to be supported as much as possible, and sadly, I dropped the ball. I encourage ALL TWB readers to sign this petition and spread it far and wide! Below is the language to the petition. Click here to sign it.

Constitutionally protect Americans from police roadside body cavity searches for marijuana, contraband, or evidence.

Recently video from a traffic stop in Texas shows State Troopers conducting roadside body cavity searches performed on two women with the officer using the same gloves on both the vaginal and anal cavities of both individuals.

We the People of the United States of America do hereby request that you and your office work with Congress to pass legislation protecting the sovereignty of the human body by drafting and then passing a Constitutional Amendment that shall prevent law enforcement from conducting any body cavity searches.

Link to article containing video of incident:




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  1. Who Needs Planned Parenthood in Texas when you have free vaginal exams done by our very own state troopers…SICK SICK SICK! I mean, what were they looking for (in a vagina) A PLANT? Go Grow Your Own and Stay Out of OUR VAG!

  2. fuck off pig!think about it! fuck off pig! think about it…kill yourself before you ruin others lives

  3. oh Fuck you..you don’t know shit about the law..if so please cite it for us all. Otherwise keep your hole shut

  4. i say kick out ALL the cops who were there . they can’t be doing that .charge them and sue them and make them apologize. then have Morgan take a psychiactric assessment, just sayin lol

  5. Please let us know where you can be reached for your next cavity search. Most likely, I’ll spend a lot of time tickling your ‘taint.

  6. These are the same little people that in school were the teachers pets I didn’t give a shit about them in school and because they have a badge I still don’t give a shit about them.Cops are the biggest gang bangers out here.They just look out after there own ass’es care less about the tax payers

  7. well looks like texas will be loosing some money,the truly sadd part was the way we view this plant,we have been duped by the federal goverment for so many years we just think they know whats best for us,personlly i say we need to wake up and see what is truley going on in our staes by the very people who are swron to protect us from things like this happening,my farther was a san fransico police officer now dont misunderstand me he always upheld the laws but he always told me no one is ever above the law no one and that even means law enforcment,these officers do not speak for all the police in texas or any other state they are people just just all of us only they up hold the laws that we make as ctizens of this country like my dad would say if you dont like a law then change it,its up to the people of the united states of america to tell the goverment what it should do not the other way around.

  8. Reading through some of the commentary I feel compelled to mention the main intent of this is to force the Presidents administration to publically comment on the matter to maintain the pressure to end cannabis prohibition.

    I do understand the frustrations people feel and I know we should not need a Constitutional Amendment to protect our 4th Amendment rights. Therefore, you may consider this my attempt at bringing about a dialog that focuses on another aspect of how cannabis prohibition fought through the War on Drugs(Humanity) violates our rights as American citizens and, to a larger extent, our rights as human beings.

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