Jan 222013
 January 22, 2013

Richard Martin, Director with Northern Wisconsin NORML (http://northernwinorml.org/) provides insight into activism and working with elected officials in Wisconsin. How to find your legislator is very important first step. (Find out who represents you in Wisconsin:http://legis.wisconsin.gov/w3asp/waml/waml.aspx)

Effective communication is key. Emails, phone calls and visiting with your elected officials during listening sessions and town hall meetings are all great ways to directly engage them. Public communication and awareness can take on many forms as Richard explains.

With high interest from the crowd in learning more about approaching the legislators, Rich also gave some helpful advice and tips for activists. He also discusses the variety of resources and tools easily available for supporters to use to become more effective activists.

For More Information, visit the following websites:

Northern Wisconsin NORML (http://www.northernwinorml.org/)
Madison Wisconsin NORML (http://www.madisonnorml.org/)
Southeastern Wisconsin NORML (http://www.sewisconsinnorml.org/)
Wisconsin NORML (http://www.winorml.org/)
Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network (http://www.wiscan.org/)
Friends of Jay Selthofner (http://www.jayselthofner.com/)
Wisconsin Teapot Party (http://www.wisconsinteapotparty.com/)



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