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 March 3, 2016

Oaksterdam on the green miniature golf cannabis cupOaksterdam University, the first cannabis college in the United States, will be in Las Vegas March 11 to 14, 2016, to host its renown Cannabis Horticulture Seminar. The entire seminar will be held at The Plaza Hotel and is the most comprehensive and advanced learning opportunity in the country for prospective and existing cannabis growers.

“We’re happy to be back in Las Vegas to offer this seminar,” said Dale Sky Jones, Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam. “People from around the country are looking for comprehensive cannabis horticulture training and it is very easy to come into Las Vegas for a four-day course.”

Sponsored by Green Therapeutics, a licensed cultivation and production MME located in North Las Vegas, this seminar will be taught by Oaksterdam University’s Joey Ereneta, Jeff Jones, Dale Sky Jones, Aseem Sappal, and Amanda Connor.  Learning about cannabis horticulture dovetails well with OU’s Basic and Business Programs as it is important for aspiring budtenders, cannabis chefs, edibles manufacturers, and others to have a well-rounded education.

This seminar will also include a class project in which attendees will create their own personal grow room design!  At the end of four days of intensive instruction—26 hours of grow training from OU’s expert growers—attendees have the option to become certified, which is an excellent credential to have in the expanding cannabis industry. Certification is available and requires passing an exam.

Topics will cover everything from seed to sale and more including:

·         Introduction to cannabis, legal implications and new political developments

·         Introduction to vegetative growth including starting from cuttings

·         Nutrients and pH; how to mix measure and adjust

·         Flowering and plant propagation

·         Grow room design

·         Conditions for optimal plant growth

·         Indoor horticulture safety and responsibility

·         Introduction to grow equipment

·         Electrical safety and lighting

·         Pests and pathogens

·         Organic methods

·         Harvesting

The seminar consists of two parts; Part 1 will cover basic information on March 11 and 12, while Part 2 will cover advanced information on March 13 and 14. Part 1 tuition is $645; Parts 1 & 2 tuition is $1,045. Participants must graduate from Part 1 to take Part 2. Registration is open at

Source: Oaksterdam University: Since 2007, when Oaksterdam University became the first cannabis college in the United States, it has been the forerunner in providing the highest quality training to people interested in a career in the cannabis industry and the first institution to address the growing needs of the marijuana movement, from patients to regulators. Such a focus has established Oaksterdam University as the only cannabis college with a comprehensive curriculum in cannabis business and horticulture available today. In addition to training individuals wanting to get into the cannabis industry, OU trains regulators including city council members, state agencies, and government officials as well as state evaluators overseeing medical marijuana license applications. Oaksterdam University’s scope into research and development has expanded through partnerships with the Oregon Health Research Institute as well as with the University of West Indies. Our faculty is comprised of professionals, academics and entrepreneurs, and OU alumni—over 25,000 from over 30 countries who have received training regarding cannabis and marijuana policy reform—are the most active in the world.

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  • Find DankWeed

    Good curriculum but the tuition is a little stiff.

  • Been around

    From the theory aspect, everything they “teach” you is readily available for free. From a hands-on aspect, there’s nothing better than just getting in there and doing it after learning / understanding the science of the plant and setting the stage for success.

    I don’t personally see the bang for the buck. I am confident that they do a fairly comprehensive job from A to Z, so I guess it comes down to a personal economic decision as to whether one’s own money is well-spent.

    I do commend them for being on the cutting edge of this new burgeoning industry. They, as an organization, have always provided clear, concise information with regards to their position in the industry and our culture as a whole. They’re straight-shooters —- as opposed to the enemy —- our own government…