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OG Kush Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures


OG Kush Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Known as The “Original Gangster” or “Ocean Grown” OG Kush comes from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and is considered to be the strain that put Southern California buds on par with the flowers coming from up North. Developed over three generations and years of stabilizing as well as developing the perfect fertilizer / food for this particular strain, resulted in a phenomenal Kush, said to be the strongest indica today. OG Kush, when properly grown, has the highest THC content of all Kushes.

“One of the calmest highs I’ve had. No strong heartbeat no paranoia just chill and happiness” – Blazeee

Check out the OG Kush marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about OG Kush, and how OG Kush affects various ailments.

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og kush marijuana strain


og kush marijuana strain


og kush marijuana strain


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  • Skyler Cannabaceae

    Great review and tasty-looking buds! My PTSD patients have really been responding to this strain more than other ones I’ve tried. Obviously anecdotal evidence, but something to keep in mind for patients with PTSD and their caregivers.

    • painkills2

      This is good to know. Thanks for sharing!

  • Harleynut

    How do you trim every Bud perfectly? Must be Photo shopped?

    • painkills2

      Whatdaya mean? My medicine is trimmed just like this. Is that unusual?

    • Troy Cazares

      I trim every 90 days and it just takes time if the buds are nice and tight it not hard just takes time

  • chilly willy

    oooooh awsome!!

  • SamIam

    Who has the real one though? I see a lot of “OG Kush” at dispensaries everywhere.

    • painkills2

      I think only Mother Nature (or Allah, God, etc.) knows for sure. I suggest a scientific experiment. Get an old school bus, travel around the world, sample OG Kush wherever you go, and record your findings. I for one cannot wait to read the results.

    • Troy Cazares

      I have 2 Pre 1978 OG kush mother grown from seed been growing for years love this strain

  • Chase

    Mmm yes,love me some Kush…the sweet lemony Tahoe OG is my go to

    • painkills2

      Man, get a room… LOL

  • Eugene Hefer


  • herbman

    Buy super weed here

  • head4954

    Is this better than Purple OG Kush?

    • cheyl jones


  • Johnny oneye

    818 loud
    valley girl , Larry og

    The cuts from up Norco are the best
    mendo purps , purple kush was a clone from oaksterdam.
    when I trimmed last batch at work they told me it was og kush
    by the time I trimmed 4 lbs
    The smell was overbearing ,left me nauseous
    I called it TAP OUT
    left the house with a bowl came back with 1/2 bowl
    everybody Tapped out.

  • I know the cannabis dispensary that has this OG Kush Cannabis Strain!