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One Year Marijuana Legalization Anniversary Party Under The Space Needle In Seattle


It’s been a year since marijuana became legal on Election Day in 2012 in Washington and Colorado. I was really hoping that Oregon would have joined the party, but unfortunately national organizations left us hanging. Fortunately it looks like that won’t happen in 2014. There was a party under the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington to celebrate the one year anniversary of marijuana legalization. I hope it becomes an annual thing, because it’s perfectly spaced out from 4/20 and 7/10. Below is footage that I found of the party:


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  • Uncle Arthur

    I think what the article meant was that the national organizations like NORML put a lot money into Colorado and Washington’s initiatives as opposed to Oregon’s which had very little money behind it.

  • Sarijuana

    I’m needing an education here. What national organizations left Oregon hanging and how?