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Oregon Launches A Recreational Marijuana Education Campaign


In less than two weeks a dream of mine will become a reality – recreational marijuana will become legal in Oregon. A lot of people have fought for legalization in Oregon for a very long time, and those efforts will all culminate on July 1st when anyone that is over 21 in Oregon can legally cultivate, possess, and consume recreational marijuana. There will be countless parties held across Oregon to celebrate the law taking effect. Most people that I know can tell you just about every detail about the law, and even tell you off the top of their heads any proposed changes that the Oregon Legislature is trying to make to the law (so much for what voters approved, right?).

The State of Oregon is launching an educational campaign in case there are marijuana consumers out there that aren’t familiar with the parameters of the law. There is now a Facebook account, Twitter account, and Instagram account, along with a website, all dedicated to educating Oregonians about what is legal and what is not legal under the new recreational marijuana legalization law. Below is an infographic that summarizes some of the most frequently asked questions about the new law:

what's legal oregon marijuana


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  • lauren

    I just moved here from california and I am looking for somewhere I can get my meds

  • Bongstar420

    Sure, but you are talking to people who exalt their own “relief” above all others.

    Soon, we will have prescription orgasms ;)

  • Bongstar420

    So your only against taxes and regulations eh…go figure

    You are welcome to grow your own or hire a competent grower to do it for you at a proper cost relative to their skill level.

  • Bongstar420

    Cant grow your own?

    or are you just entitled to the productivity of other people for free?

  • Bongstar420

    Ya…now OMMP patient’s can grow 6, 4lb plants in addition to the 4, 4lb plants m91 would allow without any accountability as to where that harvest goes or how it was treated.
    …and now their plant limits on mature plants is defined as flowering and is no longer defined by +12″

    For shame