Apr 172014
Roadside Saliva Testing For Marijuana Gets House Hearing In Michigan

The Michigan House of Representatives will consider making the state’s citizens subject roadside saliva testing for the presence of marijuana and other drugs in a Judiciary Committee meeting on April 17, 2014. Michigan already has laws and procedures to protect citizens from hazardous drivers, including liberal rules defining reckless operation of a motor vehicle and a visual analysis of drivers to determine if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If impairment is suspected officers already have the ability to order a blood test, to seize a motorist’s [...]

Apr 162014
Guide To 420 Friendly Events 2014

By Barry Poppins 4/20 falls on Easter Sunday this year-call it “Weedster” if you’d like- so that means this year, 4/20 isn’t just a 1-day smoke-athon. In America’s marijuana capital of Denver, Colorado 4/20 has become a week long celebration and a national holiday in its own right. Cannabis tourists will descend on Denver this week and weekend from all over the country and the world-and there’s no shortage of High-tivities for them upon arrival. There’s over 50 weed-related events going down (literally or tangentially) throughout the week: no day [...]

Apr 162014
What Are The Active Ingredients In Medical Marijuana?

By Robert Bergman The medicinal and psychoactive effects that we associate with marijuana are caused by unique chemical structures called cannabinoids found in the actual plant. To date, there have been 86 cannabinoids identified in nature and others have been synthesized chemically. The major psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is delta-g-tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC (although other naming systems refer to it confusingly as delta-t-THC). Other cannabinoids, in addition to THC, have medicinal or psychoactive elements. Cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), cannabavarin (THCV), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), delta-8-THC, cannabicyclol (CBL), cannabitriol (CBT), [...]

Apr 162014
'Oklahomans For Health' Files Ballot Initiative For Medical Marijuana

Oklahomans for Health submitted an application for petition with Oklahoma Secretary of State, Chris Benge, which proposes to add a question to the November ballot asking whether or not Oklahomans should legalize medical marijuana for serious conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. The initiative would call for the reclassification of marijuana as an herbal drug, which would be regulated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. It would also create licensing and regulatory rules for cultivation and distribution through dispensaries. Patients wanting to use medical marijuana would need to pay a [...]

Apr 162014
Frequent Marijuana Users Less Likely To Engage In Problematic Alcohol Use

By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director Those who report consuming cannabis two or three times per week are less likely to engage in at risk drinking behavior, according to data published online in The American Journal of Addictions. Investigators from Sweden’s Lund University, Department of Clinical Sciences, analyzed data from a nationwide survey on alcohol and drug use conducted by the National Institute of Public Health. Over 22,000 respondents between the ages of 15 and 64 participated in the survey. Researchers reported that frequent cannabis consumers (defined as having used cannabis two or [...]

Apr 162014
The Number Of Cannabis Refugees Is On The Rise

For those patients who are suffering from epilepsy that aren’t in legal states, getting their hands on the seizure stopping plant can be extremely difficult, not to mention illegal. Most citizens don’t want to illegally obtain the substance, especially those who are using the CBD to treat epilepsy. This particular disorder calls for concentrated cannabis oil, which considerably decreases seizures and allows the brain to develop and form in a healthier way. There are more and more parents that are beginning to jump on the cannabis wagon for the treatment [...]

Apr 162014
Religious Leaders Release "Easter Statement" Calling For End To Drug War

A broad coalition of Christian leaders have taken the occasion of the holiest day on the Christian calendar to release a statement calling for the end of the war on drugs and mass incarceration. “The cross that faith leaders are imploring others to take up is this unjust, and immoral war on drugs and mass incarceration of the poor. In particular, poor black and brown young adults whose futures are being ruined at the most critical point in their lives,” said Reverend John E. Jackson of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference. “We are [...]

Apr 162014
Hawaii Legislature Overwhelmingly Passes Hemp Bill

Courtesy of The Joint Blog Hawaii’s full Legislature has overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 2175, a proposal to establish a two-year hemp research program. The measure now heads to the governor for consideration. If signed into law by the governor, or allowed to become law without his signature, Senate Bill 2175 would “authorize the dean of the college of tropical agriculture and human resources at the University of Hawaii to establish a two-year industrial hemp remediation and biofuel research program.” The dean would be permitted to “submit a final report to the legislature prior [...]

Apr 152014
Missouri Hemp Network Announces Full Support For Cannabis Reform

Below is a press release from the Missouri Hemp Network: The Missouri Hemp Network is proud to announce its full support of HJR 86.  This is an amendment to the constitution for complete cannabis reform.  The sponsor is Brandon Ellington (D).  The cosponsors are: Randy Dunn (D), John Rizzo (D), Michael Butler (D), Jeremy Lafever (D), and Mike Colona (D). Here are links to the HJR 86. http://house.mo.gov/billtracking/bills141/billpdf/intro/HJR0086I.PDF http://house.mo.gov/billtracking/bills141/biltxt/intro/HJR0086I.HTM Steven Wilson of the Missouri Hemp Network stated, “Letting the voters sound off is the best way to get the message [...]

Apr 152014
Guru Of Ganja "Lets Get Growing" With Ed Rosenthal And Adam Dunn

If you are in the Denver area for the 420 holiday, you should consider attending the following event: Join Clover Leaf University with Professor’s Ed Rosenthal and Adam Dunn for the “Guru of Ganja,” a two Hour Cultivation Workshop at the Famous Hemp Hoodlab Colorado located at 3354 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205.  This will be an event not to miss.  Sign up now! Space is limited. Note:  There will be a certificate for attending the class but this class is a 2 hour workshop version of our cultivation 101 [...]