Oct 142012
Can You Smell It? Marijuana Legalization Coming In 2012

2012 Election Is The Most Important In Marijuana Law Reform History By Joshua Schimberg, Executive Director of Texas NORML This year could likely be the most significant in marijuana law reform history. In case you hadn’t heard, three states, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, will be voting on some form of marijuana legalization on November 6th, and two states, Arkansas and Massachusetts, will be voting on medical marijuana. Perhaps even more significant than all of these proposals, are the recent nationwide polling numbers regarding marijuana legalization. In October, 2011, for the first [...]

Oct 132012
A Plaintiff Speaks: My Quest For Safe Access

Americans For Safe Access v Drug Enforcement Administration By William Britt, Americans for Safe Access Shortly after California passed Prop. 215 in 1996, I asked the chief physician at my county clinic for a verbal or written recommendation to use cannabis medicinally. He told me that, while he had no problem with me using cannabis for my conditions, he was afraid to make any kind of recommendation without proper authorization and guidelines. He said as long as cannabis is a Schedule I drug, he could not prescribe it to me. Over [...]

Oct 132012
Rick Steves To Standing-Room-Only Crowd In Vancouver WA: Legalize Marijuana

Rick Steves On The ‘New Approach To Marijuana Tour’ Last night, travel author and PBS star Rick Steves brought his A New Approach to Marijuana Tour to Vancouver, Washington, in support of Initiative 502, the measure to legalize marijuana.  Steves was joined by Charlie Mandigo, the former head for the FBI’s Seattle field office, and Alison Holcomb, the chief petitioner of I-502. After Holcomb introduced the measure and the speakers, Mandigo spoke first.  ”There is no way law enforcement can address the tens of thousands of hand-to-hand street drug transactions,” Mandigo explained as he illustrated how [...]

Oct 132012
Opinion: A Washington Prohibitionist Perspective

I realize we can’t all get a bong, but at least we can agree to disagree without name calling. Not everyone feels the way I do about I-502 here at The Weed Blog (in fact I’m the only one), but the guys here are still my friends and the next opportunity I have to smoke with them again, I will. Instead of the olive branch I offer you the pot leaf. Election time is nearing and people are starting to believe the bullshit thrown their way via the political machine, [...]

Oct 132012
NORMLtv Interviews: Governor Gary Johnson On Marijuana Legalization

Governor Gary Johnson Has Been A Longtime Supporter Of Marijuana Reform NORML’s Erik Altieri interviews former two term Governor of New Mexico and Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson on his views regarding marijuana legalization. NOTE: We apologize for the slightly grainy video footage, the sun began to set as we got availability with the Governor giving us pretty low light levels.

Oct 132012
Measure 80: It's Time To Make A Contribution - And Here's Why

Big Funders Need To Act Like Marijuana Legalization Is On The Ballot In Oregon A few weeks ago, I, along with my close friend and colleague Kaliko Castille, formed Oregonians for Law Reform Political Action Committee to help raise money for Measure 80. M80 would end marijuana prohibition in Oregon for adults over the age of 21. Unfortunately, if you have heard anything about Measure 80, it’s probably that we are far behind the Washington and Colorado amendments in terms of how little money we have in the bank. But I want to take [...]

Oct 132012
SFV OG Marijuana Strain Pictures

SFV OG Marijuana Strain We don’t have the SFV strain up here in Oregon. Any readers know what it stands for? I’m thinking San Fran ‘fill in the blank’ but don’t want to jump to conclusions Whatever it stands for, it looks amazing. Downtown Collective Green Earth

Oct 122012
Women For Measure 80 Successfully Protest Shameful Billboards

Clear Channel Agrees To Remove Misleading Ads, Cites Transparency Issues Portland, Ore. – Following a grassroots, online protest by volunteers with Women for Measure 80, advertising company Clear Channel Outdoor has agreed to take down a series of shameful, misleading and fear-mongering billboards around Portland. At a press conference this morning, Women for Measure 80 coordinator Amanda Rain joined Oregonians for Law Reform and other sensible marijuana-policy advocates to condemn the advertisements, denounce the backers’ scare tactics and call for smart marijuana policies that would effectively protect Oregon’s communities and [...]

Oct 122012
Register To Vote To End Marijuana Prohibition In Oregon

If You Are Not Registered To Vote In Oregon, You Cannot Vote To End Marijuana Prohibition In Oregon On Election Day By Robert J. Capecchi, Legislative Analyst, Marijuana Policy Project Next Tuesday, October 16, is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming general election. But why procrastinate? Register to vote — or verify your current registration — TODAY! As you’re probably aware, you will not only help decide who will be president of our country, but you have a unique and enviable opportunity to decide if Oregon should continue [...]