Oct 012012
Barney Frank Gives Some Parting Words Of Wisdom On Marijuana Legalization

by Philly Blunt “Particularly marijuana, I think is a great hypocrisy. I think frankly it contributes to a good deal of the sense of unfairness you have among younger people who are told they shouldn’t do this because it’s got all these negative effects, but then older people are engaging in all kinds of things that probably have a greater impact on people.” -Barney Frank As Barney Frank has grown battle weary and tired of going to war with the ignorant right and facing a much changed political landscape, Massachusetts [...]

Oct 012012
Federal Cannabis Prohibition Celebrates 75 Years Of Failure

‘Happy’ Birthday Marijuana Prohibition… By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director In a milestone that will no doubt go largely unnoticed by the mainstream media, today marks the 75th anniversary of the enactment of federal marijuana prohibition. On October 1, 1937, the US government criminally outlawed the possession and cultivation of cannabis — setting into motion a public policy that today results in some 850,000 arrests per year and has led to more than 20 million arrests since 1965. But times are changing. Now, for the first time, a majority of Americans say that they favor replacing [...]

Oct 012012
How Cannabis Traversed The Planet

Around the World In 80 Puffs – How Cannabis Spread Across The World By Brian In a world where cannabis is the one of the most widely used recreational drugs, it’s worth considering how cannabis has become so wide spread across the earth. Few people may even consider the fact that cannabis is not even native to the vast majority of the countries in which it is smoked and in most cases, considered illegal. This pervasive little plant has achieved such widespread notoriety not because it has invaded countries like [...]

Oct 012012
Sentencing Of Compliant Medical Marijuana Providers Highlights Harmful Obama Policy

Justice Department Uses Prosecutorial Discretion To Seek Decades In Prison For Legal Michigan Cultivators Detroit, MI — Four medical marijuana patients and caregivers will be sentenced in Michigan federal courts this week, highlighting the human cost of the federal government’s intolerance for state medical marijuana laws. The sentencing hearings come less than a week after another Montana medical marijuana provider, Chris Williams, was similarly denied a defense and found guilty at trial. In August, Montana medical marijuana provider Richard Flor, 68, died in custody after being sentenced to 5 years [...]

Sep 302012
"Radical" Russ, Cannabis Karri Appearing At Idaho HOPEfest Today In Boise

Attend The Idaho HOPEfest Today Karri Gallaugher (Cannabis Karri), Kenny Davis (Cousin Kenny), and I (“Radical” Russ) will be appearing at the Idaho HOPEfest (Hemp Offers People Everything) at Ann Morrison Park in Boise, Idaho.  Karri and I will be speaking and Kenny and I will be playing blues and rock with the band Boi Howdy. I was born and grew up in Nampa, Idaho, which used to be a small town in the county west of Boise, known as Canyon County.  It’s the conservative bedroom county to the next-door metropolis, [...]

Sep 292012
'Should Grandma Smoke Pot?' Starts Airing On Television

Public Response To ‘Should Grandma Smoke Pot?’ Is Beyond Creator’s Greatest Expectations By Robert Platshorn, The Silver Tour Thanks so much for making our TV show, “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?”, a reality. Grandma’s wisdom will change the entire conversation about ending cannabis prohibition in America, Canada and maybe everywhere else. You can show everyone the truth about cannabis with a Grandma DVD. If you haven’t met Grandma, meet her now Click here and Meet Grandma  “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?”, is running 15 times on two West Palm Beach TV stations [...]

Sep 292012
Veterans For Colorado Amendment 64

Veterans Unite To Support Colorado Amendment 64 By Betty Aldworth, Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol You’d think the state of Colorado would support our veterans by giving them legal and safe access to medical marijuana in order to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Given how much they sacrifice for our country abroad, you’d think we’d do everything in our power to help them upon their return. Unfortunately, we don’t. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) denied for the second time a petition to add PTSD to [...]

Sep 292012
Medical Marijuana Raids Plaguing Oregon

Large Medical Marijuana Gardens And Collectives Are Under Attack In Oregon Since the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act was passed by a majority of voters, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) has grown leaps and bounds, protecting the medical cannabis use of thousands of patients and generating millions of dollars for the state of Oregon.  Anyone following the Oregon political scene is aware that the state’s medical law became a major issue in a recent Democratic Attorney General race, where Ellen Rosenblum won a convincing victory over Dwight Holton, a former US Attorney [...]