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Ending Marijuana Prohibition

L.E.A.P. To Report Election Results In Real Time

I received the following message from my hard working friends at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition will be covering the elections to legalize marijuana in Alaska, Oregon and DC; Prop. 47 in California, which would defelonize minor drug possession and other nonviolent crimes; and the battle to legalize medical marijuana in Florida […]

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Green Ribbon Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Green Ribbon Cannabis Strain Review And Pics The Green Ribbon marijuana strain is a head-clearing strain that’s great for concentration and daytime use, when a patient or consumer needs to smoke but also get things done. The Green Ribbon marijuana strain packs a punch, with an average THC content of 25.43%. The Green Ribbon marijuana strain originated […]

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Ending Marijuana Prohibition

Support For Marijuana Legalization Is Rapidly Outpacing Opposition

It wasn’t that long ago that supporting marijuana legalization was considered political suicide. There have always been a few politicians that publicly supported the idea like Earl Blumenauer, but those politicians were considered to be anomalies. That seemed to change after 2012, when not only did Colorado and Washington legalize marijuana, but anti-marijuana Attorney General […]

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Legal DC Marijuana Industry Could Be $130 Million A Year

It’s ‘Election Day Eve’ across America. Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C. voters will be voting on marijuana legalization, along with a medical marijuana vote in Guam and Florida, as well as numerous local level votes on marijuana reform. Depending on what the final results are, the 2014 Election could be a banner year for marijuana […]