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Legal DC Marijuana Industry Could Be $130 Million A Year

It’s ‘Election Day Eve’ across America. Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C. voters will be voting on marijuana legalization, along with a medical marijuana vote in Guam and Florida, as well as numerous local level votes on marijuana reform. Depending on what the final results are, the 2014 Election could be a banner year for marijuana […]

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Hemp Airplane In The Works

Hemp is great for many reasons. You can eat hemp, you can make fiber out of hemp, you can build a house out of hemp materials, and it appears that you can also make an airplane out of hemp. Per Whaxy: A Florida based airplane manufacturing company, Velocity Inc., has contracted to fund $500,000 for […]

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Anxiously Waiting For 2014 ‘Marijuana Midterm’ Election Day

After the historic 2012 Election, where Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana and anti-marijuana Attorney General candidate Dwight Holton was defeated in Oregon, many states started contemplating their next move. Would they wait until the next Presidential election year (2016), or make an attempt at achieving reform in the very next election (2014). There was a […]