Sep 052012
What If President Obama Had Called A Real Marijuana User?

A Response To President Obama’s Recent Harold And Kumar Ad If you want the President to earn your vote, tweet this: @barackobama @kalpenn @johnthecho It takes more than lame jokes to earn votes. It takes action. Change the marijuana laws. #EarnMyVote On September 3, in what President Obama’s press secretary described as an attempt to appeal to “the youth vote”, the Obama campaign released an ad featuring fictional potheads Harold and Kumar. The President asks them for their support and they agree, mindlessly gobbling junk food and chuckling at cartoons. [...]

Sep 052012
Should Grandma Smoke Pot? Final Cut

Robert ‘The Tuna’ Platshorn Releases The Final Cut For ‘Should Grandma Smoke Pot?’ Called by one media critic, “Genius”. Produced by famous smuggler, author/activist Robert Platshorn and the award winning film maker Walter J. Collins. This made for TV version of Roberts Silver Tour stuns viewers with medical and legal facts long kept from the public. Robert’s tour teaching seniors the benefits of medical marijuana have drawn world wide praise for all branches of the media. Front page in the Wall St Journal, featured on CNN Money, praised by News [...]

Sep 052012
Is The Oregon State Police About To Lead A Crackdown On Medical Marijuana Collectives?

Buying Medical Marijuana From A Storefront Dispensary Is Becoming Common In Oregon, But Is It Legal? If you live in Oregon, or know medical marijuana patients here, than you probably know that there are new collectives opening up almost daily. I was just in Salem, Oregon checking out some dispensaries per a friend’s request, and it seems like there are more dispensaries in that little metro area than anyone would probably ever believe. I visited 10 of them and I there were still so many others to see that I [...]

Sep 042012
Marijuana And The Democratic National Convention

Democrats, And Political Observers Of All Persuasions, Will See A Yes On 64 Campaign Ad During The Democratic National Convention Despite being ignored and trivialized by both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, marijuana law reform will not be ignored during this year’s Democratic National Convention.  In spite of the deafening silence from the two major presidential candidates, marijuana will be an issue during this year’s general election campaign as marijuana legalization will be on the ballot in Washington, Oregon and the crucial swing-state of Colorado while medical marijuana measures will be placed before [...]

Sep 042012
Medical Marijuana Is Mainstream

Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Community Proves They Are Just Like Other Service Organizations- Sometimes, They Are Even Better… By Rick Thompson What happens when mainstream meets new wave? Things change, paradigms shift, and society is better, improved, more in touch and involved. The medical marijuana community is that new wave that is rolling into, and changing, our definition of mainstream. Case in point: The Annual Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk 2012. The Mackinac Bridge connects Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas. It’s a man-made wonder, 5 miles long that spans the connecting point [...]

Sep 042012
Educating On The Glory Of Cannabis

By: Anthony Martinelli, Sensible Washington Cannabis is a wonderful plant; Non-lethal, therapeutically beneficial and remarkably medicinal. Clearly one of nature’s marvels. If you’re on this website, it’s likely that you agree with this statement. The mission of course – in order to bring liberty to this plant – is to get the rest of the public to understand this. Though they may never understand exactly how vast the benefits of cannabis are, we can clearly educate them – and its vitally important we do so. Given how deeply embedded the propaganda [...]

Sep 042012
Sheriff Permitted Medical Marijuana Dispensary Forced To Close

Thousands Of Patients Lose Access To Medicine As U.S. Attorney Forces Eviction Of Only Legal Dispensary By Eugene Davidovich, Americans for Safe Access Today we received the following press release from Mother Earth Coop, Inc, the sole Sheriff Permitted Dispensary in San Diego County: COUNTY MEDICAL MARIJUANA FACILITY FORCED TO CLOSE Thousands of medical marijuana patients lose access to medical marijuana as U.S. Attorney forces eviction of only legal dispensary, Mother Earth Alternative Healing Coop, Inc. SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 (SAN DIEGO, CA) – Southern California’s only legal medical marijuana dispensary, [...]

Sep 042012
Does Breast Milk Contain Cannabinoids?

Mothers Milk Is High In Cannabinoids By Scrog Betty Deep in the ancient primordial soup that is the human body exists a complex web of naturally occurring proteins, identified as ‘cannabinoid receptors.’ These receptors are believed to be our body’s way of specifically processing the many cannabinoids that humans have been ingesting for thousands of years – most notably THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. As any good stoner knows, ‘THC’ is the main psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. So the fact that our bodies have created ‘cannabinoid receptors’ to process these wonderful healing elements, is [...]

Sep 042012
What Is Oregon Doing On September 20th? Rally For Safe Access!

Show President Obama How You Feel About His Medical Marijuana Policies By Counselor Hunter, Americans for Safe Access So many of us want to support President Obama, but the Federal crackdown we’ve experienced this administration has made us wary about the plight of medical cannabis beyond the upcoming presidential elections. At this point in time, neither of the big-party candidates can be seen as friendly to the medical cannabis community … but we can still try and change this! Join activists on September 20th at the closest Obama Campaign Headquarters to [...]

Sep 032012
64 Things You Can Do To Help End Marijuana Prohibition In Colorado

It’s Only 64 Days Until Election Day 2012, Do Your Part To Help Colorado Amendment 64 By Betty Aldworth, Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Today marks 64 days until Election Day. That means we have just 64 days to do everything we can to persuade Colorado voters to vote Yes on Amendment 64. To mark the occasion, we’ve put together a list of 64 things you can do, starting today, to help our campaign ensure victory on November 6. Click here to check them out. Some of them are simple, like sharing our “Dear Dad” video on Facebook. Others will [...]