Aug 012012
Great Marijuana Speech By Bill Rosendahl At Los Angeles City Council Meeting

Bill Rosendahl Gives A Very Passionate Speech At A City Council Meeting In Los Angeles Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl has been a proponent of marijuana reform for a long time, and recently told The Los Angeles Times that “he has had his own medical marijuana prescription for a decade, relying on the drug to cope with neuropathy, a nerve disorder that can make his feet ‘red hot with pain.’”

Aug 012012
National Cannabis Coalition Endorses Tennessee Senator Beverly Marrero

Tennessee Senator Beverly Marrero Supports Medical Cannabis Legislation The National Cannabis Coalition has decided to support Tennessee Senator Beverly Marrero for her support of medical cannabis legislation in the Tennessee Legislature. Despite the long odds of legalizing medical cannabis in one of the more conservative states in the United States, it is important that the issue is raised and politicians in such states demonstrate courage when they stand up for common sense medical cannabis legislation. Through our parent division, the American Victory Coalition, we made a $250 donation directly to [...]

Jul 312012
Can Medical Marijuana Be Used To Treat Bipolar Disorder?

A recent study conducted in Glen Oaks hospital in New York, showed that marijuana could have a beneficial effect on neurocognitive functions of patients with bipolar disorder. The study was performed on 200 BD patients, 50 of whom have been smoking marijuana. All of them underwent tests that tested their neurocognitive functions (attention span, speed shifting, digits forward and backward tests and trails B test). The results were intriguing to say the least. Cannabis Use Disorder However, before we present you with the study’s conclusions, you have to bear in [...]

Jul 312012
Past Marijuana User Becomes Greatest Olympian In History

Michael Phelps Was The Victim Of A Witch Hunt After A Photo Surfaced Of Him Smoking Marijuana By Morgan Fox Michael Phelps just swam his way into the history books by winning more Olympic medals than anyone, ever. Pretty impressive, considering that the same guy was publicly shamed and persecuted just a couple short years ago for choosing to relax with a substance that is demonstrably safer than alcohol. But should we really be surprised? We’ve all seen the negative effects that alcohol can have on athletic training and performance. [...]

Jul 312012
Cannabis Organization Takes It's Cause To Billings Area Billboards

Ongoing Debate Over Will Of The People Appears On Montana Avenue A billboard reading “Welcome to Yellowstone County, Where the Will of the People Doesn’t Count” now appears on Montana Avenue in Billings, MT. The billboard encourages Montanans to vote against IR-124, a voter initiative appearing on this year’s ballot that allows voters keep or reject the current medical marijuana law. The billboard was placed by the Montana Cannabis Industry Association, best known for its legal challenge to the current medical marijuana law. The new law repealed the popular and [...]

Jul 312012
Closure Of Permitted SF Cannabis Dispensaries Marked By Funeral Procession And Press Conference

By Threatening Landlords, U.S. Attorneys Have Shut Down Several City Facilities Despite Objections From Local, State Officials As two city-permitted dispensaries are shut down today after 9 years of service to thousands of medical marijuana patients, a coalition calling itself San Francisco United for Safe Access will stage a funeral procession with somber marching band, and a press conference tomorrow to bring attention to the federal government’s ongoing attack on medical marijuana. Today’s closures are due to threats of criminal prosecution and asset forfeiture made by U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag [...]

Jul 312012
California Medical Marijuana Patient Remains In Federal Custody

California Medical Marijuana Patient Ron Chang Had His Retrial Release Denied Recently By Terrie Best, Americans for Safe Access Ron Chang, a state legal medical cannabis patient, remains in federal custody after a motion to modify his pretrial release was denied by Judge Michael M. Anello in the United State District Court for the Southern District of California. On July 30th, 2012, in front of Ron Chang’s supporters and patient advocates, Michael J. McCabe, attorney for Ron, presented a motion requesting a release from federal detention on (Ron’s) own recognizance [...]

Jul 312012
Arizona Governor Rejects County Attorneys' Plea To Halt Medical Marijuana Program

AZ Governor Jan Brewer Rejects Call From County Attorneys To Stop Medical Marijuana Implementation It’s being reported that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is rejecting a call from 13 Arizona county attorneys that the state health department stop issuing medical marijuana cards and to not license medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona. The call came in the form of a letter, which was authored by Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk and signed by 13 out of 15 Arizona county attorneys. The two counties that did not sign were Coconino and La Paz. [...]

Jul 302012
Los Angeles Attempts To Ban Dispensaries, Courts May Overrule

Is Implementing A Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban In Los Angeles Realistic? The Los Angeles City Council voted 14 to 0 last Tuesday in favor of a new ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa supports the measure and is expected to sign it. Los Angeles is not only the state’s largest city, it is also a major hub of medical marijuana. There are over 760 registered dispensaries in the city, along with an estimated 200 without proper registration. By comparison, the Bay Area is home to about 12 dispensaries. [...]