Jan 092013
 January 9, 2013

patrick kennedy petition sam smart approach to marijuanaFormer Congressman Patrick Kennedy is the chairman of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), a new national organization that wants to force marijuana consumers into treatment and subject them to mandatory health screenings and “marijuana education” camps.

Yet he comes from a family that made a fortune selling alcohol – a product that is objectively far more harmful than marijuana!

Sign our petition today calling on Patrick Kennedy to drop out of SAM or explain why he is working to keep a less harmful alternative to alcohol illegal.

Patrick Kennedy

Marijuana consumers should not be forced into treatment or subjected to mandatory health screenings and “marijuana education” camps.

You come from a family that made a fortune selling alcohol – a product that is objectively far more harmful than marijuana.

Please drop out of Smart Approaches to Marijuana or explain why you are working to keep a less harmful alternative to alcohol illegal.

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  • Daniel

    This is the kind of crap that keeps America down, let’s rise above this.

  • irishman57

    they still have the antiquated thoughts like this in Alabama,was born and raised here and know that as long as you are a lawyer or doctor and yes a football star you do well here those that aren’t we need to move to Colorado and hit them were it hurts take our tax revenue with us green the way…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curtis-Mayberry/100000043752171 Curtis Mayberry

    these people need to be put in their place, they profit off of the drug war staying as is, thats all they care about! This group profits from treatment so they want more in treatment, duh, Police and prisons are funded by the DEA to keep arresting and locking people up. Without those funds small town police wouldnt be able to keep the lights on let alone hire more police, thast not cannabis’s fault. Testing corporations make tons of money drug testing everyone, how much more are we to take from them, they have us pee in a cup, my god what would the founding fathers say? Big Pharma is most scared of marijuana, if you can grow your own medicine in your back yard why will people need their pills? They lobby more than any group to keep the laws as they are, to keep medical marijuana in the closet even though prior to 1937 90% of all our medicine was made from cannabis. Big Oil hates marijuana because of Hemp, and Hemp is the reason marijuana is illegal to start with. Hemp can be turned into bio fuel, a clean form of gas that we can grow on farms by the field instead of drilling or fracking, AKA, destroying our planet. We have a plant that humans have used for 10,000 yrs prior to 1937 so for 74 years we think we know better about this plant than 10,000 years of use? Lies have been used to scare the citizens of this nation into a failed policy that targets those same citizens, all because some profit from it being this way! So 800,000 arrests a year so profits can be made off destroying those 800,000 citizens lives! Are we done yet?