Pictures Of Trainwreck Marijuana Strain


Trainwreck Marijuana Strain Pics

Trainwreck is probably my favorite strain on the planet. That’s not to say that others aren’t awesome too, but up here in Oregon, we have some serious trainwreck going around that is fantastic! As a matter of fact, a local grower of the trainwreck strain was the original inspiration for these marijuana pic articles. He was like, ‘how come you don’t have more pictures of dank nuggets? There are times when I’m smoking that all I want to do is look at pictures of the finest nugs.’ Well sir, here you go:

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  • Now that Purple Kush x Trainwreck is what I am talking about! I haven’t had the pleasure of trying that particular strain of Wreck yet. Looks very good. But I know the “purple” in buds doesn’t mean its super potent, its just pretty too look at. But I bet because its a Trainwreck cross that bud is a potent purple. The truth is purple bud is usually not as potent. It all has to do with chlorophyll and other scientific stuff I won’t get into.

  • Pamela Sloss

    Positively Drool-Worthy Nuggz!!

    • I know, that purple is enough to make me daydream for months! I will post many more pics in the near future.

  • Silverado

    True plant-porn here and some obvious excellent quality. Is this some of that $100 an ounce Oregon bud mentioned in another article here? That’s right….that’s just what the “compassionate ones” will pay growers who produce something like this. Then the beeg bucks are made….by them. Isn’t that how it really works??

  • Wow! Awesome pics dude.. I absolutely love me some trainwreck! Look at all the keef… mmmm