Mar 022013
 March 2, 2013

oregon ssdp portland state university drug policy film festivalPortland State Students for Sensible Drug Policy is hosting its first drug policy film festival. Join us on March 8th and March 9th for free movies and free food! Sponsored by the Portland Patient Resource Collective.

Friday, March 8th:

1:00PM – The House I Live In (2012)
3:30PM – Prof. Leymon on the Criminal Justice System
5:00PM – Trainspotting (1996)

Saturday, March 9th:

1:00PM – The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007)
3:30PM – Q&A with Lissa Kaufman (Student Legal Services)
5:00PM – A Scanner Darkly (2006)

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    that is great! really, i mean it! thanks for sharing!


    Right now – your SSDP chapter could basically own this show for only 13 tickets. My Name is Kevin Booth – I produced this film – its a long story, but if you interested we only have 3 days to secure this event. I have the same offer out to the NORML chapters and whoever responds first will get an event that is costing others several K.

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