Aug 232012
 August 23, 2012

Agriculture Commissioner James Comer And Rand Paul Hold Hemp Press Conference

Early morning 8/23/12, prior to the Kentucky’s Annual Ham Breakfast at the State Fair, Agriculture Commissioner James Comer and US Senator Rand Paul held a press conference to announce their joint efforts to bring the legal production of Industrial Hemp back to Kentucky. They were joined by Ky. State Senators Joey Pendleton(D) and Dan Seum(R).



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  3 Responses to “Press Conference On Industrial Hemp In Kentucky”


    it would be nice if we could use it for fuel.
    Oh…. and wow… what an employment boost!!


    WOW … nice to see some real players getting involved ! GO HEMP! GO GREEN ! GO U.S.A. again


    I still don’t trust them to do anything about medical use once their bill is passed.

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