Oct 062012
 October 6, 2012

ObamaMedical Marijuana Activists Need To Protest President Barack Obama At A Fundraiser In San Francisco October 8th

San Francisco is supposed to be a safe stop for Obama. It’s time to show those in charge of our government that the progressive vote is not to be taken for granted. Join us on Monday, October 8 at 4:30 outside Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco (corner of Grove St. and Larkin St.) to send a clear message: freeze all actions being taken against medical cannabis providers and review their records of state and local compliance.

President Barack Obama will visit San Francisco, the birthplace of medical cannabis, for a fundraising trip. Over the course of his presidency, California’s medical cannabis industry has come under unprecedented attack. Countless dispensaries have been closed or threatened by federal pressure.

It is of paramount importance that we as a movement do not let this injustice go unanswered. We must make our voices heard if we wish them to be counted, and this Monday presents a unique opportunity to be heard not only by the public but also by policymakers and campaign donors at the highest levels. The message is simple: the Obama administration must freeze and review all actions being taken by rogue US Attorneys.

WHEN: Monday, Oct 8th, 4:30 – 6:30 PM
WHERE: Larkin & Grove St, SF, outside of Bill Graham Auditorium (look for the Haag puppet)
BART STOP: Civic Center
Bring your signs and voices
Co-sponsored by SF United, Cal NORML, ASA, Harborside et al.

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